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A Very Zherald Reunion

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1 A Very Zherald Reunion on Tue Mar 17, 2015 1:46 pm

Az Zhenya composed herself after the carriage ride to the Hogwarts Castle, she stepped through the magnificent entrance doors. She paused, taking it all in. It felt like only yesterday she was leaving the castle as a graduated seventh year, and now she was back eight years later for a reunion.

The 25 year old strode through the castle, to the Great Hall, where people were standing around talking to one another, and she took in the sights.

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2 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:02 pm


Ten years since he graduated from Hogwarts and now Gerald Alexander Rush was back again for the reunion. He couldn't believe that it's been ten years. Merlin, he was old! No wonder why some of his acquaintances came with their spouses and talked about their kids who would attended Hogwarts in a few years while this 27-year old blonde guy was still handsomely single. Eh.

With a glass of nettle wine on his hand, the ex-head boy just stood next to the buffet and looked around if he could find another familiar person. He did meet some acquaintances like Katrina Hudson, Sierra, Professor Lafay, Daichi, Ariana Logan with her husband Oakey Gunter, Mordred, Beezus and the Odessas. Some of them were very successful with their career and so was he. Maybe he didn't pursue a career in wizarding world but he finally found a job that he really enjoyed very much, being a photojournalist for a muggle photo-traveler magazine that made him flew around every time he had to make a report and not to mention a pretty satisfying salary too. That was awesome, right? Pretty sure that none wizarding jobs that offered him the same chance.

His blue eyes caught a very familiar person. She wasn't only familiar to him, but also became a part of his bittersweet school memories. Damn it, Gary didn't expected that she would be here too, alone. Wait, she was alone right? He hated to admit this but she looked stunning and more beautiful since the last time he saw her. Well, should he greet her? But what would he say? Hello, where the hell have you been? No, maybe not that. Gerald Rush had moved on for Merlin's sake. He did go out with some girls but none of them were in a serious relationship. He just took a gulp of his wine and got another one while his blue eyes just saw her from a distance.

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3 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Wed Mar 18, 2015 4:59 am

Zhenya had taken her time to head into the reunion. She stopped for a while speaking to the old Librarian, and then to Jasmine, and spotted a few others. But she wasn't very interested in socialising with them. She was single, she didn't have any children, and she was only just finished with her studies. It was a long, hard road. She felt that she was in a room full of successful people, and all she had managed to do was get the day off!

She went to walk outside to take a look around the grounds, when she paused. That face. That handsome face looked too familiar. It took a brief second to place him, he looked much different to the boy she had once dated. If she had been drinking something, she probably would have choked on it. Should she go and say hello? Should she just walk straight past? She looked around at everyone else, having a great time. Then there he was, just cool and calm at the bar. She inhaled deeply and strode over towards him. What should she say?

Stopping near him, but not too close, she couldn't even smile. She felt like… what's the point? He never replied to her owl after she had explained what had happened, and she had come to terms with the fact he had moved on from that part of her life. Would it just be opening new wounds? Maybe it was best if she just go… She cleared her throat, not wanting to deal with the regret of not saying hello. "Hello Gary, it's been a while."

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4 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Wed Mar 18, 2015 1:23 pm


"Excuse me," He said to Salander, the former Slytherin head boy. He tried to distract his mind about Zhenya by having a conversation with other people but still, he couldn't. Maybe by walking around the castle could refresh his mind. Leaving the great hall, the former head boy walked to the ground, reminiscing his high school memories. Then he stopped by the lake. It was his favorite spot when he was still a student here. Admit that, there were so many memories happened here and Zhenya was involved to most of them. Gary then took a cigarette and and lit it.

Hello, Gary. It's been a while.

Suddenly he heard a voice greeting him. Turning around, he couldn't help but was surprised when he realized that Zhenya was here too. Wha.... Oh, snap. This was her place too. "Hey..." he said awkwardly. Now what? Honestly he had no idea what he had to say.

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5 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Wed Mar 18, 2015 1:53 pm

Zhenya looked down at her feet, feeling slightly awkward. At least he had replied. Hey… was better than… get lost bitch. She took a breath in, holding it for a few seconds, before speaking again.
"How are you, Gary?"

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6 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Wed Mar 18, 2015 5:28 pm


They just kept silent for a while. Zhenya just stood there keeping a little bit distance from him while the blonde guy still sat at his place playing with the cigarette smoke. Gary was an occasional smoker who only smoke when his mind was bothered with something. So meeting her for the first time in ten years was bothering him? Yeah, somehow.

How are you, Gary?

His blue eyes widened when she asked that. Seriously, how on earth she had a nerve to ask him how he had been after she left ten years ago without any trace? Scoffing, the blonde guy then threw his cigarette butt to the ground and stomped it. "Now? Been better than ten years ago, I guess." He said. It might seemed sarcastic but it was true. For Merlin's sake, he moved forward and did things that he enjoyed very much, getting a fantabulous job, dating other girls casually and anything else. But deep down he still kept his hurt feeling when she left, poof like a smoke.

"I thought you're already dead, y'know?." Suddenly Gary said and yeah, he was sober when he talked like that. He only had two glasses of nettle wine, remember? And he didn't say that without any particular reason. Ten years ago he was working his ass off tried to reach her but it was nothing, zero. Nobody knew where on earth she was, even Dimitri didn't give any clue about her. Then he thought that she was not good enough for him, that's why he gave up and thought that she was already dead and he couldn't care less about that.

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7 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:55 pm

Okay. Zhenya may have expected this. She looked down at her toes again, her heart racing. She felt almost defeated in life. She wasn't where she wanted to be. But it had made her hard, and she didn't like feeling so nervous. She hadn't felt that way in so long, so why suddenly was she feeling this way?

She sighed, and turned around. After a few steps, she stopped. She was mad. Turning around and walking right up to Gary she spoke, trying not to yell, trying to stay calm. "You know what Gary? Ten years ago I was SO happy. I had a boyfriend who I LOVED. But I also had a best friend who was dying, and a family I no longer felt part of. So yes I did an awful thing by leaving and going back to Russia, but I was going to come back after the end of the year. But you know what happened? I WAS FROZEN! Seven years! It's hard to write someone or return to someone when you're FROZEN you know? And when I woke up I was still a sixteen year old and I was scared and my parents refused to tell me anything about you. I wrote to you, you knew I wasn't dead, but YOU never replied!"

She looked into his eyes for a few more moments then backed down. She hadn't meant to say any of that. It was deep down in a vault inside her, and it was the first time she had allowed herself to think those things in a LONG time. She looked away sadly and stepped back a few steps, then sunk down to the ground looking at the river. She crossed her legs and began picking at her fingers, a nervous habit she had been unable to break for a long time.

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8 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:59 pm


Why on earth she had to be mad at him? She didn't have a RIGHT to be mad because she was the culprit, she was the one who left him when they both were madly in love. Yeah, he WAS madly in love with her. He couldn't forget how hopeless he was when she left him again for the second time at then he realized that it's so stupid to hope that she will be back again. That's why Gary kept thinking that she was dead, at least in his mind. She did not lie about the letter, he got that when he was in Ubud a few years ago. He didn't read the letter because it took a long time for him to forget about her and reading her words just made him hurt again, like now.

Standing up, his icy blue eyes stared at her.

You know why I'd never replied that letter?" His deep cold voice started speaking. "Because I'd rather kept thinking that you're dead. You hurt me, badly and it's not easy to recover it. Thinking about us makes me exhausted and hurt." The blonde guy took a deep breath. It was not easy for him forgetting the memory about him and Zhenya because they were truly madly deeply happily in love at the time. So he just put it on a vial and kept it together with his Hogwarts stuffs.

"What do you want now?" He asked. Apologizing? Wasn't it too late to apologize?

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9 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Fri Mar 27, 2015 9:16 am

Okay, it finally hit… he preferred thinking she were dead? Her heart sank.

"Well… sorry to surprise you with my life," she said. But it still seemed to open all her old wounds. Looking out into the lake and playing with the pendant around her neck, she said "You know what the first thing I thought when I woke up? It was you. I was about to come home. I couldn't stop thinking about you, I was so depressed. Then I woke up, and you were still on my mind, but the first thing I saw was the inside of a Hospital, and healers surrounding me. My parents informed me that you were now much older and had moved on." That was the worst feeling she had ever had. Knowing she could do nothing. Her letter went unanswered, so she had rightfully assumed he had moved on. "I didn't know if you would be here tonight. That's not why I came. But I saw you, and it hurts seeing you. Especially seeing how much I hurt you when I left. So, even though it's too late," she paused to look into his cold, hard face, "I am sorry."

But what do you want now? What DID she want? She hardly wanted to admit that she wanted him in her life again.

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10 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat Mar 28, 2015 12:38 am


Okay, maybe saying that it'd better to think that she was dead was a little bit too much and mean. But sadly it was true. Imagined that he still hoped that she's gonna back to him, maybe he would be a private shy guy and couldn't be a successful photojournalist of National Geographic. He's gaining something by moved on from his past romantic story. Not to mention that now he became more confident and didn't feel awkward to ask another girl out. Listening to her story, then he realized that he wasn't the only one that feel the hurt. She did feel the same. What happened to both of them? They so happy and madly in love before and now it ended up by hurting each other.  

So she did say sorry and realize that it was too late. He knew that sorry did not fix everything that she had done. But she was hurt too because of him, wasn't she? Come on, Rush. Don't be such a stubborn ass by not forgiving her. She didn't mean to leave you, did she? At least he had to appreciate her courage to apologize. Gary then sat next to her but his icy blue eyes just stared at the lake and lit another cigarette. Then he remembered that the last time they sat together like this, he would pull her closer and stroke her long beautiful hair. This lake too, was like the witness of their story. Merlin, this was the awkwardest thing that he'd ever had.

"I... uh." After a moment of silence, the blonde guy then started speaking and suddenly stood up. "I should go." Wait, what? You just left her there alone, dude?

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11 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat Mar 28, 2015 8:08 am

When he sat down next to her, Zhenya hugged her legs to her chest. Was that it? An apology would open him up to speak to her? Her heart started beating faster and faster. She really wasn't expecting to see him tonight, but there he was… and now he was sitting next to her. Did this mean… what did this mean? She took a breath and went to turn to him to speak, but the next minute he was standing. And then…I should go?

Zhenya picked up a rock and threw it into the lake, making a small plop noise.

Then she stood up, "You just wait Gerald Rush!" she said in a loud, speaking voice. No more yelling, okay? She took a few deep deep breaths to find her courage. After her summer with Raven, and all those conversations since, she couldn't just let the man she loved walk away. Hadn't Raven said herself that her Avery died without knowing her feelings for him? What if he yelled at her, or just walked away without saying anything? Either would be bad enough.

"I still love you Gary. I never stopped loving you." Her voice was shaky, and she had difficulty maintaining a steady volume, but there it was.

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12 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat Mar 28, 2015 2:05 pm


It took a long time for him to move on from her and it was not easy. He didn't want to but he had to for the sake of himself. Now he met her, again. at the place where they used to spend their little time together. It seemed like the universe was messing around with his life. He needed time to process all of this moment. That's why he decided to leave. At the moment, Gary didn't know what should he say to her.

He wasn't too far away when she called his name. Turning back, he walked closer and stared at her. Now what? What on earth she did want to say? He could not handle another argument. All he wanted to do now just... Drink. Maybe it would be better if he left the reunion and went to Hog's Head, having drink until he's wasted. But she didn't start another argument. Instead, she confessed about her feelings toward him.

"I still love you Gary. I never stopped loving you."

"I know." Those are the words that came from his mouth. But he wasn't sure if he still loved her or not. He did love her ten years ago, she was everything to him. Then he felt like there was something that pulled him to walked closer so their eyes could meet each other. "But I don't want to break your heart, Zhenya. If you're asking me if I still love you like I did when we were younger, the answer is I don't know." He spoke as he touched her face. "I've changed a lot since ten years ago and I'm afraid that you're gonna disappointed because... Maybe I'm not the same Gary that you loved. You are a very kindhearted girl that I've ever loved and..." Gulped. "You're always be my baby, Zhenya Burton."

One minute he was speaking then the next one that he knew his lips were on hers, kissing her passionately like she'd never been kissed before.

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13 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat Mar 28, 2015 3:47 pm

Zhenya listened to what Gary was saying to her. My he was so handsome. Was he always that handsome? He was walking closer to her, then even closer, and that was what was running through her head. She was actually looking at him closely. She closed her eyes as he touched her face, trying not to cry. He wasn't sure if he loved her, and she had expected that. Really, she had. The grown up Zhenya wasn't the hopeless romantic she was as a teenager. She didn't always believe in happily ever afters. But of course, she had hoped. The feel of his big warm hands against her face was grounding her to the here and now. She forced herself to open her eyes and look at him as he spoke to her. Her eyes glistening with the beginnings of tears which she had forced away.

Of course he had changed. He was no longer a teenager, she understood that. She had also broken his heart, she was sure that would have left a hardened part inside him. Well, maybe.

But why would he disappoint her? She was the disappointment. She started to frown, not comprehending what he was saying. This wasn't a goodbye speech, as she had perhaps thought it was. The kindness coming out to save face at a final end to their relationship. But… "You're always be my baby, Zhenya Burton."

She started to open her mouth to say something, question him, what did he mean by that?
…but before she could speak, he was closing the distance. And once more, she felt HIS lips on hers, her Gary's lips were kissing her. She threw her arms around his neck, trying to stand on her tip toes to reach him better. It felt like hours, and slowly she pulled her face away to look at him, but not letting go.

"Gary," she whispered, her heart fluttering in her chest like thousands of butterflies.

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14 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:45 am


When was the last time he kissed her? He didn't remember it. Gary didn't remember exactly when was the last time they kissed. Maybe that's why his brain told him to do that, to make him remembered this moment. Their last kiss. He could taste the sweetness of her lips. Well, not sure if she really had the sweet lips or it just came from her lip balm. He had this weird feeling when he his lips touched hers. Did it mean that he already had no feelings toward her? He didn't know, he wasn't sure because pretty sure that he'd never felt like this before.

Wasn't it awkward to kiss your ex-girlfriend? Yeah, it was actually.

"What.. what's wrong?" The blonde guy asked as she pulled her face away. Cue awkward moment. Maybe it wasn't a best decision to kiss her because it would make her sad. "I uh... Sorry." Suddenly the blonde guy said. He didn't want to make her feel sadder, he just wanted to make a good memory but it seemed he he was wrong. Maybe this was good for him but not for her. To clear this awkward moment, he eyed his twenty-grand watch and realized that the reunion time was almost over. 'I think we uh... We should come in." It also meant that they would go back to his real life again soon doing something that make them living. Maybe after this reunion they would never seen each other anymore. He might still be around London for several days until he had another assignment to fly across the universe. Why he didn't seem like it when he realized that he would never seen her again?

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15 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Mar 29, 2015 6:20 am

What's wrong?

When he eyed his watch, her arms fell down from around him. She was trying to steady her breathing, and dull the butterflies. What did he mean what's wrong? What could possibly be wrong?


She frowned, deeply. Why was he sorry? She started shaking her head, but then he suggested they go inside. But… now she was confused.

She reached towards him and grabbed his hand, pulling him back to her slightly. "Nothing is wrong, Gary. And don't you dare be sorry." She reached up and gave him a light, lingering kiss on his lips. How could their reunion be almost over? She was starting to feel a slight panic inside. What if she would never see him again? What if he didn't want to see her again? Zhenya certainly wanted to see Gary again. Plenty of times.

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16 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Mar 29, 2015 11:24 am


She grabbed his hand and give him another kiss. Okay, this was just a kiss, Rush. There's nothing more, remembered that. But they were running out of time since the reunion was almost over. "Well uh... How about if we grabbed a drink at Hog's Head before heading home?" The blonde guy suggested. b]"For old time's sake."[/b] This was just a casual invitation from an old friend. Yeah, they were friends before. It wasn't a bad idea, was it?


The next morning....

What time is it? He suddenly woke up and felt thirsty. He didn't remember how long he had slept. The last thing he remembered that he was having some drink with Zhenya at Hog's Head. Yeah, they were having fun but he didn't remember what happened next. Was he drunk? He might be. Gulping some water, then he realized that he didn't sleep with any clothes on. Wait... What the....? Did they...?

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17 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:00 pm

Zhenya agreed, picking up her clutch and walking back to The Hog's Head with Gary.


Something woke Zhenya up. "Ughhhh," she groaned, her hands going over her eyes. "Merlin's saggy underpants." Her head was throbbing! There was too much light! She reached near her for her wand but realised it wasn't there. It wasn't there because… there was only empty bed on the side. She split her fingers over her eyes, trying to adjust the light. Had she fallen asleep at the foot of the bed again?

But she didn't see her own room. No. No, no, no. She saw a man.

And then she gasped, peeking under the sheets. NO CLOTHING! She sat bolt upright, realising that her wand WASN'T there because she was in another bed! She crossed her legs, hugging the sheet to her, and nursing her headache. Well… that was certainly an interesting reunion.

"Don't suppose I can have a drink too?" she asked in a very hoarse voice. What did they DO last night?

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18 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:31 pm


Seeing his pants was on the floor, the blonde guy grabbed it and put it on. Merlin, he might have too much drink last night. He filled his empty glass with one tap of water-conjuring spell and drank it again with one big gulp. Then he heard someone's asking for a drink.

Zhenya? Wait... why in the world she was on his room? AND WHY ON EARTH SHE WASN'T WEARING ANY CLOTHES ON?

He couldn't hide his surprised expression. So there was a man and woman in a bedroom, waking up with no clothes on. His head tried to process this and....... Oh no. They were screwing each other, weren't they? So one minute they were having drink and the next...... they were in a bed. Together.

Oh crap, the water. Gary then filled the glass again with one tap of his wand and handed it to her. "Well uh...." Cue awkward moment. "G'morning?"

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19 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:59 pm

Zhenya tried NOT to watch him putting his pants on. But seriously those big muscles! A small illegible noise escaped from her mouth, and feeling her face redden she covered it with her hands. Oh, Merlin. She was MORTIFIED!

She took the water from him without looking into his eyes and mumbled a thanks, not much noise coming out. She gulped it down, looked for her wand to re-fill it but couldn't find it. Where was it? She just held onto the empty glass, pulling the sheet closer, if that were possible. Oh, dear. Dear, dear, dear. What had she DONE? She had a rule about this ever since… well, ever since she and Gary had parted ways. And there she was.. breaking the rules with… well, with Gary, but STILL! It had been years since they had… done… stuff… and now she was right back into bed with him? Oh Merlin, what would he be thinking? How easy she was? Oh, Merlin, NO she was NOT! She shouldn't have had so many drinks, but she was having such a good time. At least what she remembered.

"Oh umm… hi, hello," she said softly, feeling her cheeks blush again.

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20 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:58 pm


How much drink that he had last night? Two glasses? Four? Nah, maybe more. Maybe he really finished an entire bottle of scotch together with her. It seemed like they both were really having so much fun. though he didn't remembered what on earth they were talking about. Note to self: never had so much drink with a girl because it wouldn't be just a drink. Roger that.

Was it weird that he didn't regret this? Well, he kinda regretted that he couldn't remember exactly the details that how they could end up in the same bed doing you-know-what. Gary might not expect that this would happened but he didn't feel any regret. His blue eyes looked at her, sitting on the bed covering herself and blushing. Oh my Merlin... Maybe she also wondered how could this happened to them. "Well, looks like we had too much fun last night." He started speaking and chuckled, tried not to make this into an awkward situation. "I barely remembered anything."

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21 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Mar 29, 2015 5:28 pm

Zhenya, who was sitting on the bed absolutely horrified at herself, was trying so hard to remember where her underwear was. Let alone her dress! She couldn't see them ANYWHERE in the room. Oh Merlin, please tell me I didn't strip in the lounge or something?

She still sat with her face in her hands, her head pounding. She just wished she were near her cauldron so she could brew up a quick, simple pick-me-up. She didn't do all that study for nothing!

And then she heard Gary suggesting they had too much fun last night, and then chuckling. Zhenya's face cracked, and a smile appeared. Soon after she, too, found herself chuckling. It was funny… and she really didn't regret it. She didn't think so, anyway… "I… I don't remember much besides my first glass of Firewhisky," Zhenya said, a happy smile on her face, a few laughs escaping nervously from her throat. "Are you… do you feel… okay?" she asked. She knew what she meant by that. Did he, too, have a hangover? And how did he feel about… last night?

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22 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Mar 29, 2015 9:11 pm


So they were both didn't have no idea what on earth they were doing last night. She just remembered that she took a glass of firewhiskey. He concluded that they both were badly drunk. "Me? Just a little bit headache." He answered as he took a bottle of painkillers from his backpack then swallow two pills with water that he had filled before. Then he handed it to her "I know you don't really trust muggle's painkiller, but at least it could help with your headache for a while." The blonde guy said then filled the glass with water. "Take two pills, it'll work faster."

Where was his shirt by the way? Also his jacket? Were they going too brutal last night so some of their clothes were gone? My oh my... But lucky that at least he found his pants first. He entered the bathroom and realized that his shirt was inside the bathtub along with her dress. How in the world that their clothes were there?

"Your dress is soaked at the bathtub by the way." He said.

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23 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Mon Mar 30, 2015 5:44 am

Zhenya watched Gary as he took a bottle of something out, took the lid off and tok a few of the things inside, then swallowed them. Then he handed them to her… she took them from him, skeptically, but he told her it would help. So she undid the lid, like he had, and removed two of the pills and swallowed them. "Thanks," she said.

After Gary came back to the bedroom, Zhenya had tied her long hair up in a somewhat messy ponytail. Frowning at first, her face soon broke into a laugh. "What in Merlin's beard was it doing in the bathtub?" she asked. Oh, deaaaaar. "I… don't suppose my um… under… things are in there by the way? Or my wand?" She carefully pulled the sheet from underneath the covers, standing up and wrapping it all the way around her. The room span a little, so she sat down again, but hey - it was a start!

Good thing she didn't have to work today. After a while she stood up again, entered the bathroom and saw her dress. She shook her head, laughing again. Honestly! The bathtub? She looked around the bed, but nothing, then she left the room and found them scattered down the hallway. She put her bra and underwear on and entered the bedroom again. But she had no clothes...

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24 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:23 pm


He didn't have any idea why their clothes were there. Hey, there were drunk and stupid enough to remember. "Well uh... I don't know. I think we really lose control and uh... wild." Well, looked at the mess that they had. On the scale 1 to 10, How drunk were they? None of them remembered anything that happened last night after the drink. She even lost her wand. Gary just shook his head. "Maybe it was in your purse. Where was it?" The blonde guy summoned her purse. "Accio purse." Then a red purse flew to his hand.

Deep down, Gary was thinking about this. Not about what happened last night (because the evidence was very clear to explain about that. Hello, sleeping with no apparel on?) But what would happened after this. This was... out of control of course. For Merlin's sake, he didn't plan this and she didn't either. It was just a result of their stupidity. "What does this mean?" He suddenly asked. Maybe it wouldn't be weird if this happened with another girl. But this happened with her... and she wasn't just another girl, they had history.

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25 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:55 pm

Zhenya's face broke out, the hint of a laugh there. She felt better when she smiled, but she didn't do it much anymore. "Lose control? Wild?" she glanced around, "Uh yeah I think that's definitely what happened." She couldn't stop herself from tucking the sheet back into the bed, after pulling it off. It didn't phase her as much wearing her underwear in front of him, it was better than being naked, right? But still, she was very self-conscious.

She reached for her purse, which he had summoned, and opened it. "Ah it's here, thank Merlin," she said, utterly relieved. She was very fond of her second wand, after they were unable to rescue her first one. "Thanks," she said to Gary, looking at him.

What does this mean?

Her smile faltered and she looked down at her toes, painted red. She swallowed. No, Zhenya, don't be quiet. Not now. You can be quiet later, she told herself. "I don't suppose you have something I can wear?" she asked. She didn't fancy having THIS conversation in her underwear. She didn't mind that Gary was topless.

Deep breath.

"What do you want it to mean, Gary?" she asked, almost whispering. Her heart was definitely racing, and she was feeling sick. Not from the hangover, she knew, but from anticipation. No, Zhenya. YOU speak first! She nodded to herself, then looked into his eyes. She needed to say this. She'd been thinking it for years. "I don't really expect you to forgive me after what I did, but what I said last night is true. I still love you." she shrugged, "I never stopped." It was true. All these years. Always.

"I want to spend my life with you Gerald Alexander Rush. My life has felt… incomplete without you. When we were together, we were teenagers but you already felt like a big part of me. You were like… like the daredevil inside me, you were the outgoing side of me, the confidence within me. I'm not saying I haven't changed, I have, but when I saw you at the reunion yesterday something felt… it felt like something clicked inside," she spoke. It wasn't supposed to be a gushy romantic speech, but the truth. She was speaking from the heart. She was opening her heart to the man she loved, which also meant she was opening herself up for heartbreak. BUT if that's what he wanted, to part ways, then she would respect that. But she really hoped he didn't want to part ways.

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