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A Very Zherald Reunion

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51 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Mon Apr 06, 2015 6:40 pm

What time? "Oh," she said, casually, glancing around "You know… an-about um five… or something." Yeah, whatever… no biggie. She just couldn't SLEEP! Having people over, she had to make sure everything was absolutely perfect. She realised she was probably being neurotic, but what could she do? Exactly…

But then his mouth was on her and she lost herself in the moment, because Gerald Alexander Rush was an absolute hunk and he was hers!

An hour later they were laying in bed together, entwined. Where did one begin and the other end?

ding dong

Zhenya sat bolt upright. "SHIT! Someone's here!"

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52 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:06 pm


Glad that she could find someone to cover her shifts so she could be here, spending Christmas together with her best friend and her fiancee. Wait, not a fiancee.... yet. Please, don't ever spoil this plan, Schultz. Taking the floo powder (because she didn't want to risk apparating from Boston to London), Raven then arrived at the Diagon Alley. Zhenya did say that her apartment wasn't that far from there.

Wow, this place hadn't changed much since she was here.... 12 years ago. That was her first impression when she arrived at Diagon Alley. So much memories. The brunette then dropped her stuffs at the Leaky Cauldron, lucky that she got a room there. She quickly change her outfit then apparated to her place. Was she too early to come? Perhaps not. She rang the bell and waited until somebody opened the door.

"Hey, I hope I'm... not too early." She said after Zhenya opened the door."Did I interrupt your hot sex with Gary?" asked her since it took a loooooong time for her to open the door. She was joking of course (but still putting on her bitch face), hope she didn't feel offended. Ignore that. 'I brought wine. You know, Christmas dinner was lame if there's no wine." Also because Raven Schultz M.D couldn't cook any fancy meals and too busy to do that since being surgical resident meant spending most of her time at the hospital.

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53 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:34 am

Zhenya took a quick peep at herself in the hallway mirror, making sure her hair was smoothed back, her clothes were buttoned properly, and she didn't look like she just threw her clothes back on after… yeah.

It was Raven! "HI RAVEN!" She gushed, pulling her friend inside and giving her a hug. "Merry Christmas!" And then she felt her cheeks go red, and she laughed it off, "Why would we do that when we were expecting people over?" Nervous laugh… "Certainly not early, I think Soph should be here any minute actually. Come through, oh wine thanks," she put the bottle aside, stopping herself from opening it. "I've just got some fire whisky or butterbeer going for now, unless you want water or something?" she called, "Come through, I'm just in the kitchen."

She gave a knowing smile to Gary as he came down the stairs. "Gary, this is my very good friend Raven, and Raven this is… well, this is Gary."

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54 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:44 pm


Oops, he kinda forgot that people would come over soon. The blonde guy quickly dressed up when he heard somebody had rang the bell, maybe it was the cousin. Walking downstairs, Gary noticed that she was talking to someone.

"Oh hi." He smiled as he shook her hand. "So you are the best friend. It's good to see you, finally." Because he did remember vividly how miserable Zhenya was when she was dying. Besides, she always talked about her lately. "I heard you are a surgeon, interesting." Interesting that rarely a wizard pursuing a career in muggle world especially like doctor, lawyer, and all those high-profile muggle career.

"I uh... I'm gonna leave both of you, ladies. Need to take a shower." Then he left them to the shower.

The brunette girl couldn't help but stare skeptically as Zhenya laugh nervously when she mentioned hot sex. Sorry not sorry but she was trained to be a skeptic person but... never mind. "Nice place." She complimented as she entered her apartment. "I'd like a butterbeer, please. Well, how does it feel living together with your boyfriend by they way?" She curiously asked. Speaking of, where was he? Raven often listened to her story how they reunited again after being separated for years. Kinda romantic. Usually she hated that crap romantic story but not this one.

Oh, that was the boyfriend. He's seriously a good-looking son of a bitch. "I am." She replied as she shook his hand. "It's a pleasure meeting you in person." Of course her best friend often talked about him, especially by the two-way mirror that she gave years ago. "I uh... actually I'm not a surgeon, yet. I am a first year resident." Or intern to be exact but she hated that word because it remind her about non-surgical job that interns usually do.

As the boyfriend leaving to shower, Raven couldn't resist but commented about him. "You guys are gonna have a bunch of pretty babies. I can see why you are so biased about him" She chuckled and sipped her butterbeer. "Are your parents coming? or Dimitri? What about his?" So, she was the only person who wasn't related by blood to both of them who was invited.

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55 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:21 pm

Zhenya beamed as Gary and Raven introduced themselves to each other, and wiggled her eyebrows to Gary as he left to have a shower.

She poured two butterbeers and handed one to Raven. Getting back to previous conversation… "Oh it's great. I mean, he spends a LOT of time away for work, but that gives me time to practice all my work without getting distracted by him." Yes, she was easily distracted when he was around. What? He was gorgeous! And then she laughed, almost snorting out her drink. "Well… one day I hope. We haven't really spoken about it. Baby steps for now." And she nodded, with a proud smile on her face. He was certainly the sexiest man she had ever met, and age was definitely in his favour. "Um well Dima and his family will be here, and my cousin Sophia will be here with her fiancé James. He's quite nice. Um… no my parents aren't coming. I… well I didn't ask them." Nope… "But I think some of Gary's family is coming." She was so distracted she forgot who he said was coming...

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56 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Tue Apr 07, 2015 2:39 pm


Baby steps? "Seriously?" She asked in disbelief. Because if it was baby steps, why on earth they decided to move in the next day after they met at the reunion? Yeah, she knew that story. Raven didn't see the baby steps here and dunno why, but she could see that the boyfriend wanted to be serious. But well as long as her friend was happy, she would be too. She just hoped the two of them could live happily forever after.

"You still haven't talk to them." The brunette girl said when Zhenya said she didn't invite her parents. "So.. they didn't know that now you live with him?" How long since she haven't talk to them by the way? Pretty sure it wasn't her business so she couldn't comment much about that. She just sipped her butterbeer. "Well, are you nervous? It was the first time you meet his folks, right?" She asked to her because she did seem nervous. 'What? You're afraid that his mother disapprove you to be her son's... girlfriend. Don't worry, you're such a nice girl. Moms would love you. Hey, my mother loves you."

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57 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Tue Apr 07, 2015 3:43 pm

Seriously? "Well… about families and stuff, you know? I think Gary was a bit scared about being this committed. So, you know, moving in is step one… establishing our lives together… then um… well, marriage then kids." Maybe they weren't baby steps, but they were steps.

Zhenya just shrugged. "Nope, not unless Soph or Dima have told them." She took another sip of her butterbeer. She thought about it… "I don't think I'm that nervous, to be honest. I should be, maybe, but I'm not. I suppose because when I reunited with Gary I was so terrified, that everything now seems easy in comparison. Besides, his mother isn't in his life. It's his uncle and his aunt." It wasn't that she wasn't nervous, she was, but she was so preoccupied with everything else going on today that she was mostly just nervous the food would be disastrous or something else bad would happen. Wait.. Raven's mother loved Zhenya? "Oh does she really?" She asked, smiling.


Zhenya answered the door and her face broke out into a smile, seeing her bright bubbly cousin Sophia!

Sophia stood there, her bright yellow dress, her bright yellow bag, her bright blonde hair, and her bright, gleaming smile.
"ZHENNY! Hi hun," she gushed, pushing through and almost knocking her cousin over with a huge hug.

"Come in, James," she said with a laugh, pulling a very dark and handsome man through.

"Hey Zhenya," he said, rather shyly.

"Hey," Zhenya said to them both, pulling away after the hug had finished. "James, Gary won't be too long, he's just in the shower. But guys I want you to meet Raven, she's my best friend who I met at Hogwarts. Raven this is my cousin Sophia and her fiancee James."

"Oh Raven, hello," Sophia said, clasping Raven's hand. "I've heard a lot about you! Congratulations in your job, that's super fantastic."

James just waved at her, a small smile on his face.

After the introductions, Zhenya took the platters of food and drink into the dining room, and set them out, casting a preserving charm on the food to keep.

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58 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Tue Apr 07, 2015 6:56 pm


Everything needed a process, she admitted that. Lucky that he didn't ask her to elope as soon as after they met at the reunion. She couldn't imagine how crazy was that. "I see." She sipped her butterbeer. So, his mother wasn't in his life? Raven wanted to ask but then she realized that it wasn't her business. Totally not. "Oh, sorry I didn't know about that." So it's just his uncle and aunt, no parents. That's why he seemed... tough. That was her first impression when she met Gary just now. "She loves you because she said that you're like her daughter that she'd never had." The brunette girl chuckled.

She just sat there as her friend opened the door and looked around the apartment. "Oh, hello." She greeted awkwardly as her cousin came with her fiancee. She was a seriously bubbly person. "Well... thanks." Though her job sounded cool (being the surgical resident at Massachusetts General hospital) but seriously it wasn't that cool. First year residents were the bottom of surgical chain and seeing the surgery on firsthand was quite rare.

Actually he just let her catching up with her best friend and he wasn't fancy joining in ladies' conversation. He just sat at their bedroom for a while and didn't do anything. Then he decided to take a shower for real, shaving the facial hair around his face (though his girlfriend didn't mind that he didn't shave but... Hey, he needed to look clean and nice in front of her family) and then dressed up. He heard that another guest had come in then quickly the blonde guy came out from the bedroom...

Wait, he forgot something. Gary then silently back to the bedroom,  took it then ran to the downstairs.

"Hello, guys." He greeted as he arrived downstairs. It wasn't his folks, when will they come by the way? "You must be Sophia, right?" He asked to the blonde woman. "Nice to meet you." He smiled and shook her hand. And who was the guy that came with her? Maybe it was her boyfriend or something. "You guys wanna have something to drink? We have butterbeer, firewhiskey, or just some water?." He offered to both of them. Then he heard another guest coming. It must be his folks or Dimitri.

"I'll get it, hon." Then he opened the door. It was his uncle and the rest family.

"Gary." Luke greeted warmly and hugged his nephew. "Merry Christmas, Son. And thank you for the invitation." He already called him as his eldest son because he had been taking care of him ever since he was baby. Entering the apartment with his wife and the twins, he handed the casserole to him and noticed that there were some people there. Must be his girlfriend's relative, huh? "Nice to meet you all, guys. Luke Rush, Gary's uncle. This is my wife, Gloria." He said as he introduced the lady who stood beside him. "And my children, Bryan and Bianca."

So most of the guest were already coming. Gary then handed the casserole to his girlfriend. "I think your brother would be here anytime soon." He said. "Come on, hon. Meet my folks." Grabbing her hand and brought her to the lounge, introducing her to his uncle, aunt and his two cousins.

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59 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:27 pm

Smiling, she felt her face fall. "Wait.. what?" Daughter she never had? She HAS a daughter!? Zhenya just shook her head in disbelief.

But it was suddenly very busy, so many people in the house and so many conversations happening!

"Hi, yes I'm Sophia, obviously you're Gary," she said with a girly laugh. "This is James, my fiancee."

James stretched his hand out to shake Gary's, "Nice to meet you. Great looking house you have."

"I'd love some Butterbeer," Sophia said, looking at James who nodded. "One each would be great."

Zhenya heard the doorbell again, and decided to pop to the kitchen to get two butter beers, and brought them back to give to Sophia and James. In the hallway, Gary handed her a casserole, and she put it on the table casting the same preserving charm on it, before Gary grabbed her hand to introduce her to his family. Oh boy… she said to herself, suddenly feeling a bit nervous.

Luke, Gloria, Bianca and Bryan. Zhenya smiled brightly and shook hands/hugged them, "Hi I'm Zhenya, Gary's girlfriend." Wow this was almost a bit much! She hadn't realised just HOW many people would be there. "This is my best friend Raven, and my cousin Sophia and her fiancee James," she introduced the other guests.

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60 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:06 am


More guests are coming. Raven just sat there enjoying her butterbeer. How many guests that she invited by the way? And she was still thinking why on earth she had to come since.. she was the only one who was not blood related with Zhenya... or Gary. Just, chill out Raven Schultz. "Nice to meet you." She said to the Rush and tried to be nice. She wasn't a very sociable person but now she had to be one. "Zhenny can I help you with anything? I'm not fancy just sitting here and taking your butterbeer." She offered. Helping, of course. Not ruining the party.

Finally! His nephew had been talking much about his girlfriend. Of course he knew that they were dating briefly when he was still at Hogwarts and now miserable he was when she left him high and dry. But the universe reunited them again, such an old romantic story. Luke just hoped that his nephew would take her to the altar soon, unlike his dad who was a womanizer and died on an accident as a single lonely man.

"Oh, It's very good to see you finally, Zhenya." Luke grinned and tapped her shoulder. "Gary has been talking about you and he wasn't wrong. Look how lovely you are," He complimented. His nephew had a good taste on picking ladies, huh?

He was about to skip the Christmas dinner with Zhenya and her boyfriend, not because he disagreed with their decision to live together (at first he did because he thought it was too soon for both of them) but because of... another reason. But after discussing this issue with Alana, they decided to come. Besides, 7-year old Keenan wanted to see his aunt Zhenny.

"I don't think she wanted to see them, Alana. They haven't spoke to each other for... a long time." He didn't remember exactly but since she recovered from the accident, she moved out from Burton's cottage.

"But you don't want to see them like this, do you?" Alana spoke. "Don't you see how depressed your father was? He wants to see his daughter that he missed so much. Yourself is  father, Dima. What if Keenan was very mad of us and didn't want to see his parents anymore?"

Damn it, she was right. He didn't want this also happened to himself. He decided to bring his parents to his sister's Christmas dinner. He had to make them reunited because... When would themselves could reunite if not now? He rang the bell and just waited until someone answered the door.

Alex didn't talk much since the ride to his daughter's place. It would be the first time in years he would see her. He had heard that now she lived with her boyfriend, the Rush boy that she dated when she was still a teenage baby. He couldn't say anything, unlike Lisa that clearly disagreed about that. Of course he wanted to see his daughter lived happily with someone that she loved very much but... Did he approve this? He just kept silent until they arrived at her place.

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61 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Thu Apr 09, 2015 8:50 pm

Zhenya turned to Raven, who had offered to help her. "Er…" she said, not sure what to say. She could use help, definitely, but Raven was her guest. Though she understood that it was perhaps a bit awkward for her friend not knowing anyone. "What about music? Did you want to choose what to put on?" she asked, summoning their big music folder so she could flip through the records.

Then she turned to Luke, feeling her cheeks blaze up. "Th-thank you Sir, er… Luke," she corrected herself. Well, they were family. She smiled brightly, "And it's so lovely to meet you finally. He's always talking about you!" Of course he would be, seeing as the man had raised him to be his own.

Zhenya answered the door again, beaming at the latest arrival. "DIMA!" She squealed, never having let go of that habit. She pulled him in for a big hug, then turned to give her gorgeous sitter in law a big hug. "Hello Alana, how are you? You look great!" She stepped back inside to give them all room to step in, but she reached out to grab her gorgeous nephew, giving him a big squeezy hug. "Merry Christmas Keenan!"

"Everyone, this is Dimitri, my brother, and his wife Alana and their son Keenan. Guys, this is Raven, Luke, Gloria, Bianca, Bryan, and of course Gary, Sophia and James." Good, introductions done? YAY! She ushered everyone into the lounge room, where there were plenty of comfy chairs for everyone to sit. "Now, what can I get everyone to drink?" she asked, and turned to the kitchen to get them something to drink when the doorbell rang again. She frowned slightly, looking to Gary. Who could it be? "Do you mind getting it?" she asked.

Lisabel ran a hand through her hair, making sure it was neat, and brushed her hands down her skirt, making sure it was straight. "What if she doesn't want us there?" she asked her husband, wrapping her arm through his, her own stomach a fluttering mess. She hadn't eaten all weekend, for fear of vomiting it all back up. She was so nervous. She reached out a hand and rang the doorbell.

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62 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Thu Apr 09, 2015 11:45 pm


"Zhenny! Merry Christmas, sister." He returned a big hug too her like they hadn't met for a long time. "I'm looking forward to come here, you know?" He stepped in entering her place. Wow. How could she and her boyfriend afford a place like this? Seemed like Gary was secretly rich. Well, he didn't know. His sister never talked much about her boyfriend's family besides that he was raised by his uncle. "Hey, man. It's good to see you." He greeted Gary and tapped his shoulder. "Merry Christmas dude, thank you for the invitation and..." Dimitri leaned into his ear and whispered something.

Wow, how many people that they invited by the way? He did spot a familiar one, his own cousin. "SOPHIA!" He waved frantically as he noticed the woman in yellow dress. "I heard you're engaged, congratulations." Then he introduced his little family to her. "Meet Alana, my wife and my little man, Keenan." He was trying to socialize with all guests here. "You must be Raven, right? How's life being a surgeon by the way?" He asked. Then to the Rush Sr. and his family. "Nice to meet you, sir. Dimitri Burton." He shook Luke's hand and all of the rest.

Picking the music? Okay then. The brunette girl then picked a proper music for a Christmas mood and put on a player. Just that? Maybe she could help with the drink. "I'll help you." She said as she summoned some bottles of butterbeer and firewhisky. Speaking of, she hadn't used summon charm for a long time. Then another guests is coming and it was her brother. "Nice to see you, Dimitri." She said. Raven had never met him in a person, if she hadn't mistaken. "Well, it's... great, kinda tiring but it was fun." She said about her job. No matter how tiring being a surgical intern was but it was one process to be a brilliant surgeon who could save lots of people.

"Dimitri." He smiled and patted his shoulder back welcoming the brother and his little family. The blonde guy also give a high-five to the little Keenan. But then when Dima whispered something to him, he couldn't help but shocked. "I'll handle it." He said back to him. "Just make yourself comfortable, guys." Then the blonde guy answered the door.

Alex just shrugged when his wife asked him. If she didn't want him to be here... He didn't know what to do. This was Dimitri's idea so.. maybe he's gonna do something? All he wanted now was seeing his daughter whom he hadn't spoken with for years. Hopefully she still recognized him since he was getting much older with skinnier body, salt and pepper hair... He wasn't as fit as before. He was just waiting until somebody answered the door.

It was her boyfriend. At least he was welcoming them with a smile.

She didn't know that he and Dimitri secretly invited her parents. Because if she had known, she would refuse to have them. "Alex, long time no see." He smiled at her parents. "Hello, Lisa. Merry Christmas." He gave a kiss to her cheek as a nice gesture. "Come in, guys. Make yourself comfortable." This might be an awkward situation to both of them and Zhenya too. But wasn't Christmas a good time to reunite with a family? He actually was inviting Flo, the woman that was his birth-mother but she didn't come (not sure if she didn't want to come or she was working since she was a high-profile child surgeon).

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63 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Fri Apr 10, 2015 12:11 am

"DIMITRI BURTON! Is that really you?" Sophia shrieked happily, giving him a big hug. She nodded proudly, turning to her gorgeous spunky fiancee. "Honey bun meet Dimitri, my cousin. Dimitri, this is James." How good was Christmas - you get to see all your family again! It had been ages since she had seen Dimitri, and now here he was with his own family. She smiled warmly as she was introduced to Alana and Keenan, and she gave Alana a hug "Because we're family," and gave Keenan a twinkly wave and a high-5.

Zhenya watched happily as Dima and Sophia and their own families connected, and was gobsmacked as Raven performed a summoning spell. "You're doing magic again?" she asked, a smile on her face. She gave an appreciative squeeze on Raven's shoulder before running off to double check some things.

Lisabel looked down at her shoes. She was worried about her husband, who hadn't let go of the fact their daughter, when she recovered, had left them. Lisabel was only trying to protect her eldest daughter from the truth of heartbreak. She was certain Gary had moved on, as he should. Why wait for a girl who had been frozen all those years? As it was, Lisabel and Alexander had been worried sick about her, first not knowing if she would be alive when she thawed out, or whether she would stay alive, or whether there was any brain injury. She woke up perfectly fine, though. Understandably upset when she realised she had just lost all those years, but she refused to allow her to have the age-match serum. No, her daughter was to finish her education first. She needed to become a witch legally able to perform her magic. And now she was, she was an accomplished healer, as she had heard both from her eldest son and seen in the Daily Prophet when she graduated. So, really, she was right. But it didn't help that her daughter refused to speak to her parents or see them. Alexander had wilted with stress and depression since Zhenya left in a huff. Even Sophia, her niece, hardly spoke to her much. She knew Zhenya was safe with Sophia, the two of them biologically being the same age, but still… a girl needed her mother.

Yet here they were, after everything that had happened. Lisabel didn't look any different than she had before Zhenya had left, but she was there to recover her relationship with her daughter, and to see Zhenya and Alexander reunited. She never understood the bond they had, but she could see how deep it was, seeing Alexander suffering like he was. She tried to help him as much as possible, but he was missing a part of him, and she understood that. Besides, Theodore and Ava would be starting Hogwarts soon, and they would need their older siblings for advice.

Getting caught up in her thoughts, she was slightly shocked when the door opened. It wasn't her son, or her daughter, but Gary. Lisabel smiled at him and gave him a brief hug in return, then entered. It was a lovely, warm house, she had to admit. But as soon as she looked inside the house, her eyes fell on her daughter. Her beautiful daughter, and she heard a faint gasp escape her lips. Her vision went blurry through the tears, and all she wanted was to hold her daughter.

Zhenya had just put Keenan down, a warm smile plastered on her face, when she looked up. Her smile vanished. Were they…? She looked up at Gary, and then at Dimitri, neither of which were shocked. She licked her lips. What in Merlin's beard?

"Mother? Daddy?" she asked, swallowing hard.

"Ooooooookay, this is a bit awkward. Everyone, how about we head to the family room and let them have some space?" Sophie's twinkling voice sounded, very loudly, as she ushered everyone down the hallway into the lounge room where the music was playing.

"So… what made you want to be a surgeon?" She asked Raven.

Lisabel stepped forward twice, but stopped. Zhenya was always a girl who needed her own space. "Zhenya, darling. You look well." She did. She no longer had that blue pale look to her, the pasty death look. Her face was warm with colour, her hair shiny and healthy, her smile bright and white. Was it the serum she had finally taken, or love?

Zhenya didn't want to look at her brother or her boyfriend right now. What had they done? But she didn't want to cause a fuss, either. No, this was a problem they would deal with later… perhaps. "Um… welcome to our home," she said, then decided she couldn't get through the day without addressing the problem. Walking to stand in front of her brother and boyfriend, she looked up at them both, "Whose idea was this?" she asked deadpan, her bitch-face on. She didn't need to ask why, she was pretty sure she knew why. And she knew her short stature was nothing to deter her wrath, so they had better be honest with her.

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64 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Fri Apr 10, 2015 12:39 pm


So he is the fiancé? “Congrats, man. So when will you two get married then?” He tapped his shoulder and asked enthusiastically. Of course he hoped that it would be soon and he’s gonna get the invitation. Kinda bad that he and Alana were eloped… not really eloped. They’re getting married so soon because Alana’s father was dying at the time. His brown eyes slightly eyed at Gary who answered the door. Hopefully it would be fine… Dima also eyed at his sister and kinda afraid that she didn’t approve this but…

“It’s not a big deal, Zhenya. Seriously.” The brunette girl said. Living around muggle community made her rarely performed her magical ability but when she performed it when she was home. Thanks to that, she could manage her apartment clean and neat. Besides, she didn’t want to make a big fuss about that. Seriously, it’s not a big deal.

Her hazel eyes widened when she noticed Gary came with Zhenya’s parents. Wait… they were invited? Or actually they were invited but she didn’t know? Interesting. She was about to ask her but seeing that her best friend was so surprised and they were scouted to the lounge by annoying cousin Sophia. Well, it wasn’t her business by the way so she just stayed there. “Huh?” She responded as Sophia asked her. “Because I have experienced lying on surgical table with my skull was opened and my brain was exposed so I think it would be fun if I am the one who crack the skull.” She said with her serious expression. It was joking of course.

There she was. Oh my, she really grew up became a very beautiful woman. He still couldn’t believe that the woman who stood in front of him was his eldest daughter. Alex hadn’t seen him for a few years because she refused to speak with them… even she moved out and stayed with Dima or Sophia until now she moved in with her boyfriend. She had a right to be mad at them but what had they done was just to protect her. He didn’t want to blame Lisa since she was the one who made all those decision and himself just supported whatever was better for her sake.

“Hi Zhenny…” For the first time of today, he started speaking. He couldn’t help but sobbed. Who said that men couldn’t cry huh? “Look at you, honey. You look great. Oh…” He wiped his tears. He couldn’t resist pulling his daughter to his arms and hugged her tight. Maybe she didn’t want to hug him because she was still mad but he really wanted to hug her. “Oh dear… you don’t know how much I miss you.” He whispered at her ear and still lightly sobbed.

He knew that it would be surprising for her but he couldn’t refuse when Dima asked him. They were no stranger, they were her parents for God’s sake. Besides, she couldn’t be mad at them like forever and hoped that she would make up her mind to give them apologies. Seeing Alex and Lisa, Gary could see how devastated they were and somehow he thought that partly it was his fault. Come on, Zhenya. Look at your dad, he was crying when he saw you after a long time you didn’t come to him. Don’t be such an unforgivable person. The blonde guy really wanted to say that but he realized that it wasn’t his business. The blonde guy just kept silent and slightly smiled when he saw them reunited.

“It was our idea.” He answered when she questioned him and her brother. “Your brother couldn’t leave them alone. Your siblings spent Christmas at Hogwarts and they have nobody left but you and Dima.” Gulped. “So I thought that it wouldn’t be bad if they’re here.”

Dimitri speak!

“Gary, if you don’t mind could you leave us for a while?” Dimitri said. After her boyfriend left, he tried to explain everything to her and hopefully it would open up her mind and heart. “I know you’re mad but please just listen to me first. Our parents live with me now ever since Ava and Teddy went to Hogwarts. I have to take care of them because they are my parents, I cannot leave them. I have this responsibility, and you invited us—Well, me, Alana and Keenan—to come here. You know why I wanted to invite you for Christmas at first? I want to see us together again like we used to!” Dimitri tried not to yell and spoke in a calm tone. Honestly he didn’t know how to open her heart and forgive their parents but at least he tried.

“Just…” He cleared his throat. “Give them chance. Our parents might not live for any longer and I don’t want to see you regret this. I can speak like this because I myself have a son.” He couldn't imagine if Keenan suddenly left and didn't want to talk to him and Alana anymore.

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65 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Fri Apr 10, 2015 1:27 pm

Zhenya was just standing there waiting for an answer… Then her boyfriend answered. Huh… so it was THEIR idea, and they didn't fill her in on any of it. "So you thought catching me by surprise would be the best way to reunite us?" she tried not to laugh, but SOMETHING was making its way up.

And then she was shocked when Dima asked Gary to leave them. She frowned at her brother and watched as Gary left. Oh shit… now it's just family? She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. Well… lovely. Great. Fantastic! She stood there listening to what Dima was saying, and deep down she understood what he was trying to tell them. Just one look at her father she could see how withered he looked, which actually frightened her. Was he ill? He was a healer for Merlin's sake! "Why are they living with you? What about… h-Burton Cottage?" Well that was all very well and good for HIM that he had a son, but Zhenya didn't have kids. So obviously she didn't know what it felt like. But she knew what her own feelings were, and how hurt she was that her mother had taken away all her autonomy when she was recovering, and even after. Control freaks don't do well without control of their OWN lives. But she sighed. Stubborn as anything, she didn't know where to start. Throw them out? No, she'd lose more than just her parents. Let them stay? That might be totally awkward. What the heck should she do?

She turned around to look at them, but suddenly found herself wrapped tight in the familiar arms of her father. Who was… crying. Zhenya gulped, feeling a bit uncomfortable. She had recoiled from affection since her heard had been frozen and all, so here she was being thrown out of her comfort zone. But she brought her arms up to wrap around his wasting frame. "Um I .. m-missed you too papa," she said. As soon as she had said it she realised it was true. She hugged him a little bit tighter.

Lisabel stood there, dabbing her own tears away with her handkerchief. She gave her son an appreciative look, then decided to give him a hug. "Spasibo, thank you, Dima, spasibo bolshoe," she said, muttering half english and half russian.

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66 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Fri Apr 10, 2015 8:40 pm


Why are they living with you?

"Because I cannot let them live alone. You'd never went back and the twins are going to Hogwarts. Nobody takes care of them and I don't want to throw them away to nursing home." Dimitri answered. Exhaled. "Dad is sick and has undergone major depression. He needs to be with his family and extra care." This was like a responsibility that he had to take since he was the eldest and (maybe) the most mature one. Besides, he didn't mind about that and neither did Alana.Keenan also could know his grandparents more.

She needed to realize that what their parents had done to her just for her own sake. They just wanted make her being a successful and could achieve the career that she wanted and look at her now. She did it. She became a healer like she always wanted to be. Didn't she realize if their parents didn't force her to go back to Hogwarts finished her education and stop thinking about her unrequited love, she wouldn't be like this?

Be patient, Dimitri Burton.

He rubbed his temple. "Our parents had done everything just to make you be successful and not immersed in sadness." Then his mother leaned forward and hugged him. He hugged her back. "It's okay, Mama." He calmed his mother down. "This is your house, this is your party. You decide, you don't want them here? Fine, but I have to go with them too." It's not an ultimatum, it's just a choice for her and she was free to decide. Was she the cruel daughter who didn't have a heart to forgive their parents? He didn't know.

Great that his daughter didn't refuse to be hugged by him. Instead, she did hug him back. Alex wiped his tears on his cheek because he didn't want make her think that he was weak, although he was. He looked at her pretty face that he missed ever since years ago and slightly touch it. "You look lovely." He commented. Then he leaned forward and kiss on the top of her head like he used to before she went to bed. She might not be the same Zhenya that he had raised but after all, she was still his baby daughter.

"So.." Cough. "I just want to see you, no more. If you really..." Cough again. "...don't want us to ruin your Christmas it's... fine." Though he was really devastated if she did that. But at least he had seen her now, looking lovely and good. Maybe he could see her again on her wedding day... if she and that Gary boy got married. "I'm sure that Gary loves you and treats you very well. I am... glad to know that."

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67 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Fri Apr 10, 2015 9:51 pm

Zhenya's heart melted a little when her father kissed her on the forehead. It felt so familiar and comforting, that perhaps for a fraction of a nanosecond she felt like everything was normal.

Zhenya wasn't sure why her brother was being so defensive and getting all up in her grill. Oh, whatever. She raised an eyebrow at him, tracing the inside of her cheek with her tongue, thinking. Well of course she wasn't going to send her bloody parents away for Christmas. That was stupid, rude, disrespectful, and Zhenya was none of those things. "Dima," she snapped, gritting her teeth. "I'm not saying I want them out, a little warning would have been nice though." She sighed, glad she had got that out. A LITTLE warning was ALL SHE NEEDED! At least she could have mentally prepared herself for the reunion, rather than have it forced upon her. She was ready to forgive them in her own time, but thanks to her darling brother and darling boyfriend, THAT decision had been taken away from her too.

But now that they were here, she may as well make the most of the present.

She sighed. "Sorry Dima, I didn't mean to snap, but seriously, what did you expect? I would have said yes to them coming over if you had just told me, or asked me. I'm just… just surprised to see them here. I wasn't expecting it, and… you know, maybe I would have just done a smaller dinner rather than invite every bloody person we know and their neighbours." Okay OKAY end rant. She composed herself, then turned around.

"Don't be silly papa, there's always room for you and mother. We can easily squeeze in room for two." She smiled at him, then clapped her hands together. Not awkward at all, no. "Can I get you a drink?"

Lisabel stepped forward and put her hands on her daughter's shoulders, looking in her eyes. "Zhenya Burton, I am sorry for what I did to you. But please understand I had your best interest at heart. I didn't do it to make your life a misery, and I AM sorry that things between you and Gary were broken due to everything. But just look at yourself now. You've accomplished your dream, and you're with Gary. Everything worked out perfectly for you." She wasn't going to say Told you so! Because she didn't mean it, and she was above that silly behaviour.
She pulled her daughter in and gave her a quick hug and kiss on the forehead, then released her. "But I think I'd like a fire whisky, if you have any."

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68 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:06 am


"I uh... I'm sorry too." Dimitri said truthfully. "I didn't mean to surprise you but... Your boyfriend said that you didn't want to invite them at the first place and... I didn't have any choice." He sighed. What should he do? He didn't want to ruin her Christmas party of course by walking out. He did understand that she was very excited to throw this party. He just chuckled when he heard his sister ranting about inviting every person that she and her boyfriend knew but hey, look at the bright side. He could see his cousin Sophia and she could know her boyfriend's family and anything else.

So, they're fine now? Seemed like they were.

Glad that she wouldn't kick their parents out. Dimitri knew that his sister wasn't that terrible. A small tear came out from his brown eyes and he quickly wiped it because he didn't want to look whiny. "I'd like a fire whisky too and nothing that contains alcohol for our father, he's trying to be sober."

When his daughter offered them a drink, Alex really wanted to have fire whisky but then his son already told her that he couldn't take any drink that contained alcohol. Blame the alcoholism, he couldn't take any liquor anymore. "Yeah, I uh... I'm gonna have some juice or.. water." Gulped. He didn't want to know that actually he suffered alcoholism since his daughter refused to communicate with him. No, he didn't want her to know about that.

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69 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat Apr 11, 2015 11:32 am

"Well… I…" she sighed, "Look it doesn't matter. What's done is done, I can deal with it. Easy." She waved her wand, summoning fire whisky, a refilled butterbeer and a glass of juice for her father and handed them out. "Um… Za vashe zdorovie," Zhenya said, remembering her Russian to cheer her family, holding her glass up.

She supposed she should probably break the ice now.

"Merry Christmas," she said, a small but genuine smile on her face. She had heard Dima mention sobriety and the awkwardness of her father, but decided now was definitely not the time to think about that. She would file that away for later. "So how are the twins?" she asked casually.

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70 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:28 pm


She didn't need to know about his alcoholism issue. Knowing that he had gone under major depression was enough, he thought. Alex just didn't want to make his daughter felt guilty because of him. It was all his fault, though. He drowned himself with bottles of nettle wine and fire whisky to cure his sadness and now.. Here he was. Alexander Burton, former healer and an alcoholic who was struggling to be sober again.

"The twins? They... are fine, already third year at Hogwarts, huh?" he answered as he took a small gulp of his juice. "They are not in the same house. Ava is in Gryffindor, she's that kind of rebel and reckless teenage girl." He slightly chuckled. Goodness, he couldn't believe that his youngest children were already teenagers. Where did the time go?

Dimitri couldn't help but smile. His family had been reunited again after few years. "Hey, why don't we join the rest? I hope they're not really surprised with the uh... scene that we make." He chuckled.

meanwhile at the family room...

He didn't mind being kicked out from the Burton's business. It wasn't his business at all and he couldn't defend his girlfriend. Yeah, Gary knew that she would be soooo mad at them, but hopefully she didn't have a heart to kick them out from this party. Come on, honey. Wasn't Christmas a perfect time to reunite with family? Taking a small peek, the blonde guy smiled because it seemed like they're already reunited.

Shoving his hand to his pocket, he felt a small thing in it. Oh Merlin, he almost forgot about this! Wait, should he? Was it really a good time? At first this was the reason why he wanted to throw this party. Luke knew about this plan of course. He was the first person that knowing about that. And now, looking for the situation like this, should he just... do it?

"Sophia, Raven? Can we.. have a talk for a while?" Suddenly he called two of her closest people.

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71 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat Apr 11, 2015 6:56 pm

Zhenya laughed softly, that sounded about right.

But should they re-join everyone? Zhenya smiled, "Sure. Um… why don't you come through and meet everyone?" She led the way down the hallway and started making her introductions.

Sophia smiled, not quite sure what to say. "Oh well, congratulations. Zhenya's very proud of you." Was she coming on too strong? She shot James a bit of a funny look… he usually raised an eyebrow to tell her to tone it down a bit, but he hadn't been paying much attention. She quietly sipped her butterbeer, occasionally chatting to others around her, and James, and having a few chats with Gary and getting to know him.

And then he suddenly asked Raven and her to have a private word with him? Ooooooookay! "Sure, of course," she said, slight concern on her face. What was all this about? She stood up and followed him.

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72 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat Apr 11, 2015 7:53 pm


Now Zhenya left because she had some family business that she had to deal with, the brunette girl just sat there and listened to the bubbly Sophia talk. Seriously, she was soooo chatty and bubbly and.... annoying! If she had a scalpel in her purse, she would stab her right at carotid artery. Sometimes her mind regretting the decision that she would be here instead staying at hospital scrubbing on some fancy surgery. Usually this holiday season the E.R was like a party by some doctors because it full of trauma and etc. Damn it. Why oh why she had to be here? If this wasn't because of her best friend, she wouldn't be here. She did socialize with others around like Gary's family or Alana and talking about what did they do for a living (and of course explaining why on earth she decided to be a surgeon).

While Raven was sipping her butterbeer and checking her phone, suddenly she heard that Gary was calling her... and so did Sophia. "Huh?" But then she followed them. "Something's wrong?"

Smiling, the blonde guy escorted them to the pantry kitchen. This place seemed better to have a private conversation since it was quiet further from the lounge. "No, there's nothing wrong." He answered. Wow, why his heart suddenly beat faster? "Promise me, both of you are not gonna spoil this plan to others... Well, my uncle already knew about this." Then he grabbed something from his left pocket.

"I plan to propose tonight but considering that she seemed not very happy with her parents here... Well, I think they're already fine with each other but... I don't know. Do I really need to do this? Tonight?" he asked some advice. They both were very close to his girlfriend, although asking advice to chicks about this doesn't sound... masculine. But hey, he didn't give a crap about that. He just didn't want make this into a very awkward situation and not to mention that if she refused to engage for now.

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73 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:22 am

Sophia was totally serious as soon as Gary led them out to the kitchen. She waited to allow him time to say whatever it was she was saying, and gasped when he pulled out the ring. HE WAS GOING TO PROPOSE? Sophia stood with her hands over her mouth, her eyes HUGE, but not as big as her smile! "Gary it is beautiful," she whispered. If she didn't whisper she would have been squealing and loudly, which would travel… so yes, she whispered. But was he asking advice on whether he should ask her in front of everyone? "Well… that depends, were you originally going to do it tonight or sometime more private?" Wasn't it his idea to invite her parents over, with Dimitri? That's the impression she got, anyway. So he would have considered doing it with them being here. "I don't know if you're worried about what she will say. Don't, she would never say no."

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74 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:38 am


Okay, she just followed him to the pantry and wondered why on earth he suddenly wanted to talk with her... with them. There's a Sophia in here too. Crossing her arms, she listened him talking and.... pulling a ring from his pocket. His hazel eyes couldn't help but widened. "Dude, your ring is so Slytherin." She commented. Hey, she was right. But the ring was very beautiful, she admitted that. But the first thing that popped on her head was the ring was really represent their house and she did really say that.

Proposal advice? Seriously? Did she really look like a good person to give an advice about love life? Okay. "Do it. Tonight. What are you waiting for? Don't you wanna do this in front of us so you threw this dinner?" Raven asked him. "Don't you doubt that she's gonna say no, Gary. She always loves you and so do you. Usually I am not a fan of crappy sappy romantic story but listening to your love story since you two were still teenagers until now... Wow, better than those crap. Okay, pardon my language but... Hey, you guys are living proof that love exist like a freakin' romance novel. And I, for one, am rooting for you two." she smiled. Wow, herself was amazed that she could talk like that.

He just chuckled when Raven said that the ring was so Slytherin. "I know. It's from Luke, he said that this ring was bought by my father before he died in an accident." He did say that too when Luke handed this ring to him. "I uh... I did plan to do this in front of you, guys. You know, I really want to share our happiness and joy to our closest people.." So she didn't need to call Raven in the middle of night while she was in hospital or Sophia when she was busy with... herself. He shoved back the ring to his pocket. Gary really wanted to show to the world that he was madly in love with her and didn't afraid to commit this relationship to the next level.

But... He was freaking nervous and still doubted if he had to do it tonight. Hey, they were right. What was he waiting for? The blonde guy just nodded to both of the ladies. Thank you very much, it's really... helpful. Yeah. "Okay." He said sure. "You guys can... go to the lounge first. I uh.. I'm gonna prepare for dinner so she... didn't feel suspicious to see us coming." Yeah.

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75 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Apr 12, 2015 8:14 pm

Sophia raised her eyebrows at Raven's Slytherin comment. She was so right - it was almost like a ring from Salazar Slytherin himself. She winked at Gary, almost unable to compose herself. She, herself, completely infatuated with love for her James, so much that she really couldn't go back to the lounge room. "Oh Gary, I need a moment to myself or… I'll just blow it. Where's the bathroom?" But she couldn't help herself, she gave Gary a hug, "Don't think, just do. You got the ring, you got the girl. You just have to merge the two." Although, that would be easy, Sophia was CERTAIN!

Then she popped up to the bathroom to splash her face with cool water and let her smile play out before heading back downstairs to the other people.

Zhenya was in the lounge room, her mother was saying hello to Gloria and Luke, and Zhenya was talking to her father. "Well I'm a healer now. I work at St. Mungo's but I'm thinking I might apply to the ministry. Work in accidents and catastrophe's, I think that would be cool…" She wasn't really sure what to say to the man, but she was making an effort.

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