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A Very Zherald Reunion

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76 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:47 pm


She just stared at Sophia. Merlin, she really looked like people who had extremely high level of serotonin. Maybe she was, love and affection made brain produced more serotonin and that's why people who fell in love seemed happy and bubbly and high.... ugh. Didn't know why but those kind people really annoyed her. Anyway, back to Gary and his proposal planning. "Best of luck then, you need any help with... preparing the table?" The brunette girl nicely offered. "Or anything else?"

Don't think, just do it.

Okay, taking a very deep breath, Gary was certainly sure that he's gonna propose tonight. He didn't have any doubt that became his obstacle to do this tonight. Right in front of the people in here. Hey, better to do this in front of their family than he HAD TO propose in front of strangers in public places, doing some silly dances or anything. He just hoped that he's gonna choke on his word and die when he was about to say the big question.

Helping him? "Well uh... no, thanks. You can go to the lounge and telling them that we're almost ready for dinner." He refused. Actually his girlfriend already set the table and now he just needed to prepare the food. Okay, now they're ready for dinner.

Entering the lounge with his family, Alex introduced himself to the Rush family and James, his niece's fiancee. While his wife had a chat with them, he just sat at a couch with juice on his hand and listening to her talking about her job. He did really miss this and most of her career story. "You really enjoy being a healer, don't you?" He asked. "Remember that we used to brew potion and take care of some plants together?" He thought that's why she really wanted to be a healer, Zhenya really grew up in those environment by living with her grandparents and accompanying him at their greenhouse or potions lab.

"Where is your boyfriend by the way?"

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77 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:37 am

"I do," she said, smiling. It was the best, it was her calling. And of course she remembered everything she did with her father, and her grandfather. She felt a pang of grief inside, like she always did when she thought of him, but remained composed.

And speaking of… where was he? She looked around and noticed Raven coming in from the kitchen. "All right?" she asked, then saw Sophia enter moments later. Zhenya shrugged, "Excuse me a sec dad," and walked through to the kitchen and spotted Gary. "Are we almost ready to serve everything?" she asked, wrapping her arms around his waist.

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78 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:36 pm


The soup was already heated, so was the casserole and others. What else? He was quiet good in kitchen stuff—thanked to his ten-year single life—that's why he refused Raven to help him. Seemed like everything was ready huh? He just stood there at the pantry, thinking about his plan tonight. What should he say? Down on bended knee and said will you marry me? Nah, that's too.. ordinary and cheesy. Gerald Rush was never good in verbal language, that was his problem. Also, how should he start? He wouldn't jump into the point and ask the big question, right?

Gary was drown in his thinking that he didn't realize that his girlfriend was there, wrapping her arms around his waist. "Hey." The blonde guy greet her and tried to hide his nervous-confused expression. "Well uh.. sorry about inviting your parents without telling you before. I can't refuse it but uh.. Anyway, are you guys good?" He asked.

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79 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Tue Apr 14, 2015 1:17 pm

Zhenya let out a sigh, but wasn't upset. "Yeah we're all good. And it's fine… don't worry about it." Honestly, Christmas was not the time to be arguing. Not that she wanted to anyway. She pulled his face down towards hers and kissed him, then wandered out to the lounge room where the guests were. "Um… did you all want to come in? We're going to serve now."

Zhenya waited until everyone was seated, then went to grab more drinks for everyone. She didn't want to see an empty glass. Bowls magically dispensed themselves in front of everyone, and the soup on the table was steaming.

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80 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:41 pm


ooc: just pretended that everybody already had the dinner Wink

He didn't talk much at dinner time. There's only one thing that stuck on his head now. His mission, the proposal of course. But still, the blonde guy didn't know how to... say it. AAAAARGGGGHHH!!! Why on earth he didn't prepare the words before? Wait. He didn't look panic, did he? Hopefully nobody realized his expression right now... Confused, nervous, panic, upset, all those feeling were mixed into one.

Breathe... Gerald Rush. Just breathe

Gary decided to have one more glass of wine to relax his mind.

The dinner was great, his daughter really came up with great idea about this potluck Christmas dinner. Alex just watched her with the boyfriend. They two looked very happy and lovely. "So uh... How you two exactly uh... reunite?" He suddenly ask out of nowhere. Because he didn't know how the details of story that they ended up together again and as a father, he had a right to know. They had been separated for years and suddenly they just... met again and lived together. "Well uh... if you didn't mind to tell me.. and Lisa of course." He said as he sipped his juice

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81 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:37 am

Zhenya was FULL of delicious food. She sipped at her nettled wine, and gave Gary's knee a bit of a squeeze. "You okay?" she asked him, whispering. He looked a bit tense…

How did they reunite? Oh, well they reunited at the Hogwarts Reunion and ended up waking up hungover and naked next to each other. She opened her mouth, "We both went to the Hogwarts Reunion and just… met up again. Not planned… then we went out for drinks afterwards and decided to give it another go, and… here we are." She smiled radiantly at her boyfriend.

A while later, after everyone had finished and they had time to let their food settle, Zhenya got up and summoned all the dirty dishes and dinner containers to the kitchen. All the dishes were cleaned and put away and then she pulled out the dessert. On the table, in front of everyone, a mug and dessert plate appeared and she carried the dessert in, placing it on the table, and summoned a teapot and coffee pot. Soon, everyone was invited to help themselves to the dessert and drinks. There was a large cake and the traditional christmas pudding with brandy sauce, plus some biscuits that Sophia had baked.

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82 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Thu Apr 16, 2015 9:57 pm


Did he really look nervous? “I’m fine.” He whispered and smiled. Breathe, Rush. Come on. She’s getting suspicious now. And out of nowhere Alexander asked them how they could end up together again. Of course she wouldn’t tell him that they were screwing each other because they were drunk at the reunion night. Nobody knew that except maybe she told her best friend and/or her cousin. The blonde guy smiled and looked at her sparkling beautiful eyes. Damn it. That made him very nervous now.

As she prepared the dessert, Gary then left the dining room. “Excuse me, I have something to do.” Then he walked to the bathroom and washed his face. He really wanted to punch himself now. “Idiot.” He mumbled to himself. “Why it had to be so hard, Rush? You don’t need to be romantic, all you have to do just say it. Say it out loud!”  Meh, talking like that was easy, but he wasn’t good with verbal skills. Taking a very deep breath, he looked at the man in the mirror and sighed. Okay, I can do this. He spoke to himself. He had to do this, tonight.

Walking to the lounge, then the blonde guy remembered something. Hey, he could play some songs with his guitar, maybe it could help with his plan. Then he grabbed it from his study and brought it to the lounge while people were still at the dining room enjoying the dessert. Summoning a chair, he put it at the middle of lounge and sat there. He started playing a song that he could play very well while he hummed the tone.

The dinner was very great! She didn't remember when was the last time he had such a great feast like this since most of her time was dedicated to the hospital, chasing for surgeries or anything that work related. Now she really thanked to her best friend for inviting her because that made her felt like a human again, not such a crazy surgical intern that always hungry for some surgeries. The brunette girl tried not to chuckle when Zhenya told her parents how she and her boyfriend could end up again. Yeah, she knew the true version of her story. She did remember VIVIDLY when she contacted her by two-way mirror in the middle of night (Boston time).

And now... Where the hell did the boyfriend go? She eyed him suspiciously and smirked. Showtime, maybe? Hopefully her friend didn't feel suspicious enough about her boyfriend. Raven just sat there enjoying the very British dessert. She almost forgot that she was in London right now, that's why biscuits and tea were served here. While they were enjoying the dessert, she suddenly heard somebody playing a familiar song with a guitar. "Is that your boyfriend playing?" She asked Zhenya. Was it part of his plan? It seemed so. "Let's watch him." The brunette girl then stood up and pulled her best friend to the lounge. Everyone followed her too to the lounge.

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83 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Fri Apr 17, 2015 5:46 pm

Zhenya had sat down to enjoy a cup of tea, and only managed to fit a biscuit in before she heard the relaxing tunes of Gary's guitar float through to the dining room. Ahh, she smiled just hearing him play it. He might not know how much she loved to hear him playing his guitar. Just as she was about to look around to see if anyone else was listening, and whether they wanted to go and sit in the lounge room and listen, for she knew he would be there, Raven was pulling her up and towards the lounge. There he was, sitting in the middle playing his guitar.
"Gary…" she said softly, looking at him, a big smile on her face as she watched his fingers moving fluidly up and down the frets, picking at the right chords.

Sophia followed everyone out, and was very impressed with Gary's guitar playing. She had no idea he was so good. Maybe she could see if he would play at her wedding? She looked over at her cousin to give a smile, but found her completely infatuated with the sight of her boyfriend playing the guitar, so instead she turned her head and looked up at her fiancé. He was perfect. She couldn't wait until they got married in February; Valentine's day, their anniversary. It was going to be soooooo romantic. She found her thoughts drifting from her own wedding, to weddings in general, then to Zhenya's imminent engagement. Hopefully Gary did it soon, she couldn't hold onto her excitement for much longer.

Wow, Zhenya's boyfriend was superb. He was a very good guitarist. She vaguely remembered Zhenya speaking of it a long time ago, when she was deeply in love with this young man, but had forgotten about it, and now she was pleased to be able to hear what the fuss was about. She looked from Gary towards Zhenya, and could see just the look on her face how deeply her daughter loved this young man.

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84 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:48 pm


While he was playing, his mind flew back to the time when he was sitting at the lakeside with his guitar. She was there, watching and telling him how much she adored his playing. At the time, he realized that she was different from the other girls that he’d ever met and he started growing affection towards her. He liked her more than a best friend. It wasn’t easy to confess about that because he didn’t know how to say it. Gerald Rush wasn’t very good with verbal skills. That’s why he kissed her at the Halloween night, showing her that he didn’t want to be just her friend. So many things happened between them but the universe always had its way to reunite both of them, even when they were separated for ten years.

The blonde guy didn’t realize that people were watching him playing. Once he finished playing the song, he couldn’t help but smiled because everybody was here, and his beautiful girlfriend was on the front row. “Well uh…” He started speaking but then the words were stuck on his throat. Come on! “I dedicate this song for my one and only woman that I love. Yes, I play this for you, Zhenya.” Gary then put his guitar away and stood up.

“Remember the first time you saw me playing guitar? I once thought that you were just like annoying teenage girl who kept bugging me but at the time, I realized that you were just… different.” For the first time ever, he was able to speak like this in front of the people… and her. “You are caring and lovable and that makes me like you… Love you.” He corrected himself. “You didn’t know how much I was devastated when you left, twice and I felt like there’s something missing from myself.” Deep breath.

“Once I said that you broke me when you left, but it was wrong. I was already damaged even before I met you. You’re the one who put me back together, you completed me. You are… the answer for a guy like me.” Then suddenly the music was played out of nowhere. Meh, it must be Luke who put it on. Walking closer to her, the blonde guy grabbed her arms and looked at her dazzling beautiful brown eyes.

"Zhenya, I want to be your very best friend, your soul mate. I want to be the one who always have your back to support you and lift you up when you’re down. I want to be the one who will always stand beside you. I want us to build a family with a bunch of children because I know you’re gonna be a good and adorable mother for them.” He was very sure of that especially when he noticed that she was very close to Keenan.

“I love you, Zhenya Burton. And I want to spend to spend the rest of my life with you. I want you to be my wife. Will you?” He asked and pulled a ring from his pocket.

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85 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat Apr 18, 2015 9:44 pm

He… he dedicated his song for her? In front of their families? Yes, Raven was her family. A small, but soft smile was on her face, a special smile that she wore in moments when she was being loved. It was the one kind of smile she couldn't fake, and couldn't disappear. Her hands were clasped in front of her, and in her mind, it was only she and Gary in the room. She exhaled a laugh as he reminded her of their not-too-perfect meeting when they were both teenagers. She was, to him, annoying, and he was, to her, mean. But far from the truth those assumptions were. The next words he spoke brought tears to her eyes, but she let them sit there, in the corners of her eyes, waiting for release. She was even holding her breath, for she didn't realise she could be so overcome with love and emotion in one moment. But she was. She had never EVER been happier in her life, and she had purpose now with Gary, a reason to be happy and safe and live.

And then music played, it was beautiful. And her Gary was touching her arms, and her nerves were shooting impulses on fire, she was nervous but excited for some reason. Why? What was her body telling her? Deep down… she thought she knew where this moment was headed, and those tears dripped down from her eyes, slowly and carefully. The smile still on her face, as she looked up into the eyes she knew so well.

"Zhenya, I want to be your very best friend, your soul mate. I want to be the one who always have your back to support you and lift you up when you’re down. I want to be the one who will always stand beside you. I want us to build a family with a bunch of children because I know you’re gonna be a good and adorable mother for them.”

Involuntarily, she let out a happy sob, she couldn't hold her breath anymore, or those tears from her heart. They were still rolling down her cheeks. She was already his best friend, and he was hers, he was her soul mate. The children, oh how she longed to mother Gerald Alexander Rush's children. She felt her lower lip tremble, and her hands shake, as she realised where this was going. Did she have any idea before this moment? No, she didn't.

“I love you, Zhenya Burton. And I want to spend to spend the rest of my life with you. I want you to be my wife. Will you?”

Another sob freed itself from her mouth and she felt her smile become even larger, her sob turning into a happy kind of laugh. "Gerald Rush! Of course! Of Course of course of course!" She said, desperately wanting to feel his arms around her, his lips on hers. Her eyes widened at the sight of that RING. It was… it was exquisite. Perfect. "Oh it's beautiful," she whispered in awe, staring at the ring she knew she would be wearing for the rest of her life. She even held out her hand so that her fiancee could put it on her finger. She wiped away some of the tears, though she needn't bother; they were still dripping down. Once the ring was on her finger, a perfect fit, she flung her arms around Gary's neck and kissed him hard on the lips, in front of everyone she had forgotten about. "Gary I love you, I love you so much. You are the best thing that has ever come into my life, I can't wait to have little Gary's and grow old and wrinkly with you," she laughed, kissing him on his cheeks, his chin, nose, forehead, then resting her forehead against his. "I love you more than my heart could possibly express in words," she said so softly that only he could hear.

Oh, well, she was a goner. There was NO way Sophia could keep a straight face once Gary had stood up and was confessing his feelings to Zhenya. James' arm was around her waist, and she felt her eyes prickle with hot tears, then couldn't do a darned thing to keep them there. They fell steadily from her eyes as she watched Gary propose to her cousin, her dear cousin, who deserved ALL the happiness, and all the stars.

Lisabel was shocked, in a happy way, as she watched her future son-in-law propose to her grown up Zhenya. Where had the time gone? Even though Lisabel didn't regret the decisions she had made, she felt a pang of guilt that she had robbed these two from all those years they could have been together. But she looked on at her daughter, who was the happiest person in the room. Well, besides Gary who had just made her his fiancee. A single, emotion filled tear dripped down her eye, and she caught it at the bottom of her jaw.

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86 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:20 pm




Dimitri Burton pinched his own arm and it was hurt. Yes, it was real. He just saw his sister’s boyfriend was proposing and she said yes! Gosh, they both now were officially engaged. He couldn’t help but smiled happily and gave them a very happy applause. “Congratulations for both of you, guys!” He said enthusiastically. Honestly he had been waiting for this ever since they reunited but Zhenya always said that she didn’t want to force him to take a further step too soon because he was still having a commitment issue.

What a lovely proposal, by the way… And since both of their family were here... WEDDING PLANNING, PLEASE?

"They both look very happy. Right?" He asked his father who just kept silent and he just realized that his father was... sobbing. "You okay, Dad?" He patted his shoulder.

At first Alex didn’t have any idea why suddenly there was music playing from the lounge. He just followed everybody watching Gary played the music. Good Merlin, he was very talented. He didn’t remember that his daughter said that her boyfriend could play a good music like this. Standing there, he slightly noticed that his daughter looked… he didn’t know how to describe it but she looked like she was really in love with this guy. So was Gary, especially when he said that he dedicated the song for her.  

Wait, he was proposing to her beloved daughter, in front of the family. This guy really had a big gut to this and he did this NOT because he wanted to show others, he did this because of her. Alex couldn’t help but smiled and slightly sobbed when Gary put on the ring to his daughter’s finger. They’re officially engaged, where did the time go? It seemed like yesterday he just holding her arms, crossing platform 9 ¾ for the first time and now she’s gonna be somebody’s wife. Merlin, he was being emotional. But it didn’t mean that he wasn’t happy for them, he was very happy but also sad at the same time.

Noticing that his eldest son patted his shoulder, he wiped his tears. "I'm fine, Dima.." He answered in low voice. "Yeah, they're really look happy. It's just... I can't believe that she's gonna be somebody's wife." Again, a small tear came out from his eyes and he quickly wiped it. He put on his best smile and hopefully Zhenya didn't notice that he was happily sobbing.

He already knew this plan, of course. His nephew talked about his plan to propose her when he visited him a few weeks ago when he had a job in Alaska. But he didn’t have any idea that Gary would propose in this way since he wasn’t a very cheesy romantic person. He just gave him the ring and some advice to make the proposal became their unforgettable moment. And he did it, on Christmas day. This would be the best Christmas ever for both of them. And speaking of, he was the one who put the song when he stood up and walked closer to her. Come on, they needed a romantic atmosphere here!

Following Dimitri, Luke gave them applause and congratulating them. “Congratulations, Gary and Zhenya. I myself really wish both of you a very happy life, ever after.” Gary had proved that he was not the guy who was afraid of commitment now. He's grown up, and he was sure that Zhenya was the right one for his nephew. He was proud of him and he believed that Ben would too if he was still here.


Zhenya was so lucky to have him as her boyfriend… correction, fiancé now. The brunette girl could see how he was really in love with her best friend. And those words were not just a crappy cheesy ones. Those were real, even she—the one who’d never believed about happily ever after crap—was touched to hear that. Her tears was about to fall but she held it because SHE WAS WEARING CONTACT LENSES!

Her best friend really deserved a happy ending like this. She wasn’t really following their story from the beginning, just heard from her side of story but she was in awe. Before this happened, Gary even asked her opinion (and Sophia’s) if he should do this tonight and that’s a prove that this guy was really seriously in love with her because he didn’t want to disappoint her. Good guy Gary.

They deserved a toast by the way.

Summoning the glasses, a bottle of wine and sparkling juice for young Keenan and Alex, Raven poured the wine to her own glass and lead the toast. “Everyone, Let’s make a toast for this newly engaged couple.” She started speaking. “You two, I really wish a very happy wonderful life and nothing could separate you besides the death. You are the living proof that love is still exist, even though so many obstacles that you had faced and many times that you two had parted ways but still your love to each other make you reunite again in… funny way.” Of course she’s talking about the hangover sex after the reunion.

“Zhenya, as your best friend I really want to say I am really happy for you. You really deserve this. And for you, Gary, we just met today but I could see how deep is your love to my best friend."She paused. "Now, I don’t really wanna say this but... just in case, if you dare to hurt my best friend, I’m gonna crack your skull open.”

Okay, that was a little bit inappropriate.

Those words just came suddenly deep down from his heart. All things that he had said was true, he didn’t add anything that made it sound… sweet or romantic or anything else. Gary had waited to say this for a long time and today, he did it. Part of him was relieved that he didn’t suddenly faint or choked while he was speaking… proposing, but he was still nervous. Hopefully she didn’t feel that he was kind of bit shaky when he grabbed her hands.

And then she said yes.

He was not dreaming, right? She did say yes! She wanted to be his wife. Merlin! They’re engaged now. He couldn’t believe it! His smiled widened as he’d never been smiling before. Now he’s totally relieved. After he putting on the ring to his girlfriend… wait, it’s his fiancée now, to his fiancée’s finger, she kissed him… in front of their family and that made him a little bit blushed.  

You are the best thing that has ever come into my life, I can't wait to have little Gary's and grow old and wrinkly with you.

”I cannot wait for that either.” She was also the best thing ever for him. His happiness, his world, she was his everything. Her presence made him felt like a human again. ”Thank you for loving me.” He also spoke in soft voice that she’s the only one who could hear it. Gary wrapped his fiancée around his arms and kissed the top of her head. Being with her made him forgot that they were not the only one at this room. As the people clapping their hands and congratulating, he just smiled happily because he was out of words how to thank all of them. Glad that he could share this happiness around their both family.  

And…. Raven just proposed a toast for him and his fiancée. Need to use to call her a fiancée.

Listening to Raven’s speech, the blonde guy couldn’t help but smiled. His fiancée was lucky to have a nice and caring friend like here. No wonder why she was so devastated when knowing her best friend was dying because of her illness back when they were teenagers.

If you dare to hurt my best friend, I’m gonna crack your skull open.


A small laugh came out from his mouth. Okay, he knew that she was joking but it really sounded like she literally meant it to happen. ”Keep my promise, Raven. I would never… ever hurt your best friend. But when I do, you can crack my skull open, or steal my organs and sell them to black market.”

He really guaranteed that he would never do something bad to her. Nope, never.

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87 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Apr 19, 2015 11:48 pm

Lisabel heard Dima and Alex exchange a few words, and she looked over to see her husband crying. She smiled, and reached out to take his hand. Of course he would be emotional over this, Zhenya was completely a daddy's little girl, and here he was watching her get engaged. That was a big thing, and Lisabel was hoping she could repair her relationship with her daughter enough to help her through her marital path. It wasn't all smooth sailing, which she surely knew, but hopefully Lisabel could… help.

Zhenya, who was still kissing Gary, heard things around her. She pulled her face away slightly and saw, from the corner of her eye, her brother, who was congratulating them. She beamed at her fiancee and mouthed "Thank YOU for loving ME!" to him. More people were congratulating them, and she laughed, the nervous, embarrassed giggles. Oops, she was totally snogging her fiancee in front of everyone, and now she had realised it. Aah well, she snuck in another kiss, before pulling away from him, but still clenching onto his hand.

Zhenya gave a big smile to her best friend as she summoned wine, which she took in her free hand. She winked at Raven, then was about to take a sip when Raven said "just in case, if you dare to hurt my best friend, I’m gonna crack your skull open." and Zhenya snorted at that, then found that more tears were leaking from her eyes at Gary's response. She mouthed "I promise too," to him, then took a sip of her wine.

Once it was safe enough to walk off from Gary, reluctantly, she walked up to Raven and gave her a huge hug. "Oh Raven, can you believe it? I can't! I absolutely can't believe it, oh gosh." She held her hand up to her face, wanting to see the ring again. Oh, it was beautiful. The most beautiful ring she had ever seen, and she got to wear it on HER finger!

Next she walked over to her beautiful cousin, who was crying herself. Zhenya laughed and gave her a hug, "Oh Soph, ya big cry baby!"

Sophia just laughed, the weird cry laugh, and gave Zhenya a kiss on the cheek. "My favourite cousin! Oh, don't tell Dima," she whispered. "Congratulations you two! Gary that was…" she felt tears spill out again, "That was just beautiful, so romantic, so heart-warming, I… I've never seen anything so romantic." She gave them both a warm smile, though of course her own proposal was the most romantic thing, but in a different way.

"Congratulations guys," James said, giving Zhenya a hug, and shaking Gary's hand, never really being big with words. Soph was the chatty one of the two of them. He just couldn't wait to marry her.

Zhenya beamed at Sophia and James, and their kind words, then moved on to Gary's family. "Thank you," She said, giddy with happiness, looking at the ring again. "Gary I just… it's the most beautiful ring I've ever, ever seen." She stood there for a few more moments, without being able to stop smiling, then shuffled nervously over to her own family.

She hugged them all, the biggest one for Dima, and smiled at them. Her cheeks were actually starting to hurt from all the smiling. But she just couldn't get rid of it, even for a second, and she didn't really want to. "I'm… I'm going to be Mrs. Zhenya Rush," She announced to her family, surprising herself with how good that sounded. It had a bit of a ring to it. It was also the first time she had ever put that surname with her name.

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88 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Tue Apr 21, 2015 6:22 pm


Keep that word, Rush. She really meant about that, well not literally cracked his skull opened of course because that would impact to her career as a surgeon. But seriously, if she wasn't happy because of him, she dared to do something for her best friend's sake. Well, she's just being... a supportive friend.

Here she was, the future Mrs. Rush.

The brunette girl didn't say anything when her best friend talked about her engagement. Once again. she's just being supportive. "That ring is so Slytherin by the way." She commented as she grabbed her hand and looked at that ring, just take it as compliment. It wasn't bad, it looked beautiful and expensive in the same way (bet that the Rush family was as rich as a Black). "You totally deserve this, I'm very happy to both of you." Then she gave her a big hug. Oh please, tears don't fall now because I'm wearing contact lenses!

Dimitri give a big hug to his sister. Oh my gosh, she's getting MARRIED! She's gonna be Gary's wife and he was very happy about that!

"You're finally getting married, Zhenny! I can't believe it, my sister is getting married!" He said enthusiastically and hugged her once again. "Hey, you should owl Ava and Teddy by the way. They missed you and I bet that they really want to come to your wedding." Especially if their younger sister would be the bridesmaid. HAHA! She would look cute in those bridesmaid dress.

"Take care of my sister, will you?" He said to Gary once he came to him. "So, when will you two... you know? Any specific time?" Wait... They're just engaged like... an hour ago. So maybe neither his sister nor the fiancee had planned exactly when will the right time for both them to get married. Silly Dima.

Mrs. Zhenya Rush. That name suited her perfectly.

Alex gave a big hug to his eldest daughter once she walked toward him and tried not to cry in front of her. "I'm very happy to both of you.." He spoke with his hoarse voice. He still couldn't believe that she had grown up being a woman now. She's still his little princess though she's not little anymore. He just hoped he could walk her down the aisle.

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89 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:54 pm

Zhenya nodded in agreement at Raven, "It really is, isn't it? Like Salazar himself crafted it." Which was obvious twosh, and besides, Zhenya wouldn't WANT to wear anything THAT man had crafted. But yes, very Slytherin indeed. And a very warm smile spread on her face, hurting her jaw and cheeks once more. "Thanks Raven. Really, thank you." She looked around to make sure others were chatting to themselves before looking back at Raven, running her tongue along the insides of her cheeks. She had thought about this moment before, of course. She was female. Her lips crooked into a knowing smile, "So uh… Raven… how'd you fancy being my maid of honour?" She'd leave out the part about wearing a dress for now.


Zhenya just laughed at her brother's reaction. She was happy he was happy, though she never believed he would be any less. Teddy and Ava… "Of course I will, of course. I… I actually really miss them." She decided to Owl them tonight. Tell them the news, invite them to stay with her a bit during the holidays. Of course, she'd have to ask Gary.

And then she raised her eyebrow at her brother. "Dima… not five minutes ago Gary was my boyfriend. We hadn't actually discussed marriage, so I have no idea, no idea at all when we will marry." Really, NO idea. Did he want a short engagement, a long engagement? But she poked him playfully in his ribs. "But don't worry, you'll be one of the first to know." You know… after Zhenya and Gary.

Zhenya smiled warmly at her father. "Thanks papi," she said. And now she realised that perhaps this was the reason behind Gary and Dima inviting them here. Perhaps Dima knew about Gary wanting to propose, perhaps not, but Gary did, surely. Was this why he invited them? It really didn't matter, she was so happy, and she was so happy her parents were there, too.

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90 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:01 pm


The brunette girl just smiled when her best friend thanked her. She didn't know how many times she did say thank you to everyone tonight but well... it was her best day. She's engaged, being happy and people were congratulating her. She pour more wine to her glass and promised to herself that this would be her last.

So uh… Raven… how'd you fancy being my maid of honour?

GOSH! She was taking a gulp of wine when Zhenya asked that. Cough cough cough... and now she's choking. Zhenya Burton, do you want to kill me? A maid of honor? SERIOUSLY? Why in the world she had to choose her? Her hazel eyes just STARE at her. She had many logical reasons why Raven wouldn't be a great maid of honor.

1. She didn't know anything about wedding planning
2. She's a busy surgeon (surgical intern to be exact) and she didn't have time for any other crap
3. She lived in Boston, Zhenya was in London. They rarely met each other and talking about those stuffs by phone or two-way-mirror? Nah...

She couldn't help but sigh. Well, she's her best friend and she knew that being her maid of honor was... an honor, yeah she knew that but... It sounded impossible. *Points the reasons above* But she couldn't refuse. Raven just kept silent and thought for a while. This wasn't an easy decision.

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91 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat Apr 25, 2015 7:32 pm

Zhenya just raised an eyebrow at her best friend. She KNEW Raven would be tricky to convince. Not that she wanted to convince her. "Hey, look, if you don't want to do it for whatever reason, fine…" she shrugged, "I totally get it, but… BUT I wanted to ask anyway." Seriously, not a big deal. Of course she would love to have her best friend next to her on her big day but if Raven couldn't do it (busy, not wanting to wear a dress, not wanting to be in front of everyone etc.) then that was fine. Zhenya hardly wanted to be in front of everyone, but she would do it for Gary. Well… that's IF they were going to have that kind of wedding. Maybe it would just be… who was there during Christmas dinner, plus a few other family members. Maybe it wouldn't be big. Who knew...

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92 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun Apr 26, 2015 12:37 am


It's not that she didn't want to do this for her or about the dress or any other stuffs. Seriously, it was an honor to be her best friend's (and only friend) maid of honor but... Raven had reasons why she couldn't do that (not that she didn't want to.) The brunette girl just sighed and gave a look to her. She didn't want to disappoint her though. "Honestly, I'm flattered that you pick me as your maid of honor." Then she spoke. "You realized that I don't live here, right? So it's gonna be harder for us to discuss your wedding planning." Not to mention that most of her time was dedicated to hospital. But actually she could do a little sacrifice to help her like... she often contacted her at midnight time in Boston, either when she was on-call or she was about to get some rest after a long-hour shift.

After a deep long consideration, she thought that it wouldn't be a bad idea. She still own the two-way mirror so they could discuss it by using that, or muggle ways like phone or video call if Zhenya wanted to. "You didn't pick me because you don't have any choice, right?" She asked in serious tone but actually she was joking.

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93 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Wed Apr 29, 2015 6:18 pm

"Well I suppose, but…" Zhenya shrugged… "I don't think I'll have any deficiencies in support." She looked behind her back at Sophia who probably already had the wedding planned out. She laughed at the thought, then looked back to Raven, laughing again at what she just heard, and shook her head. "No, dear friend, I didn't just pick you because I have no other choices. I picked you because you're my first preference for who I want next to me on the day. Well.. the side Gary doesn't stand on." She raised her eyebrows, "It's fine, you have a think about it and let me know. Okay?"

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94 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sun May 03, 2015 11:48 pm


Did actually maid of honor have to have some experience on wedding planning? Nope, right? Bet that Zhenya didn't really know much about that either. Okay then, let's crash her wedding together. Kidding of course. But then, the brunette girl realized that being maid of honor meant that she supported her best friend on her wedding day. "Okay then. I'll take it." After taking a long consideration, she decided to be her maid of honor. What kind of best friend that didn't want to support her other half on her wedding day?

He just let her fiancee talked with Raven about... girls stuff while Gary talked to the others about their wedding planning. He didn't really want a big wedding, just a small-private one with their families and closest friends. Maybe they would throw the ceremony here or The Burton's place at Godric's Hollow and he would point Bryan as his best man. At least he had thought about that. About when would they get married, some said that it would be better on Spring and some said in Summer. Maybe he should discuss it with her.

"Guys, we should take a picture together." Then he ran upstairs, grabbed his camera along with the tripod and the blitz lamp. He set those things up and arranged the people. "Dima, I need you to stand at the left side of sofa,  your wife and son will sit at the edge of it, next to ya. Luke and Gloria, you could sit at the sofa together with Alex and Lisa then.. You guys.." Pointed to his cousins and Raven. "Stand at the back. Honey, you sit at the the other edge, beside your mom. I'll be standing beside you, don't worry," Then he looked from the viewfinder. Perfect. He set up the timer. "Remember guys, this is a muggle camera, so better not to move." He commanded as he set the timer. Okay. Quickly he ran to stand beside his fiancee.

"Everybody, smile!"

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95 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Thu May 07, 2015 5:51 pm

Zhenya's nose crinkled as she smiled big and wide, "Oh good! Thank you Raven," she said, sighing relief and hugging her friend again.

Their conversation was interrupted by her fiancé wanting to take a photo. She watched as Gary expertly arranged his camera and positioned everyone where he wanted them to be, including her. She sat next to her mother, who put her hand on Zhenya's knee, and she smiled at the camera, and was blinded by the flash.

"Does the flash have to be that bright all the time?" she said, laughing, blinking until she could see again.

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Dimitri was pacing around the hospital lobby while he was still in his chef jacket. This morning he got a news that his parents were in accident and now they were in surgery (since the paramedic took them into muggle hospital). His face looked so worried, what if the worst-case scenario happened? Well, hopefully it wouldn't. He couldn't just sit there and waited. Grabbing his cellphone, he called his sister's fiancee to notify them about this. She had to know, and he couldn't just wait for here alone since Alana was staying at home with Keenan. Crap, he hadn't tell her too.

"Gary?" He spoke and tried not to cry as his future brother in-law picked up the phone. "Could you come to hospital with Zhenny, please? My parents... they got an accident."

His wedding was in a month. Oh my, that's why he didn't take any job to report at the location and for now he just worked at the office in front of his computer. He was busy editing an article while his cellphone was vibrating. His blue eyes noticed that it was from Dimitri. "Hello?" He picked it up. Oh my God... Now he realized why he had to call instead sending a patronus (maybe because Dimitri knew that he was on his office now). His future brother in-law was in hospital because Alex and Lisabel were on accident. "Which hospital? I'll be there soon, got to pick up Zhenya at Mungo's first."

Quickly he turned off his laptop, grabbed his keys and leather jacket then ran to the parking hall. Lucky that he decided to ride his Ducati today instead of driving his silver range rover. Bike riding was faster, especially that he had charmed this bike to have ability to be invisible when it reached its maximum speed. Not in fifteen minutes, the blonde guy already arrived at St. Mungos. "Get me Zhenya Burton, please. It's urgent." He spoke to the receptionist.

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97 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat May 16, 2015 9:34 am

Zhenya was putting the final touches on her complex potion. She and her colleague, Martha, had been working on it for two months. Touchy bloody thing. "Martha can you please pass the tweezers?" she asked, just as the door opened.

"Zhenya, there's a man here urgently looking for you. Gary, he said his name was." She sounded a bit worried, which made Zhenya's stomach knot. What was he doing here?

"Actually Martha, can you take over?" she asked her colleague, and quickly washed her hands and walked up to the reception area. There he was. Her fiancee. She pulled the ring from her safety pin in her white robes and slipped it on her finger. Can't wear those at work. Noooo.
"Gary what's wrong?" she asked. She saw the look on his face, he was worried. But even before she had seen him she knew it was something. He would have just called otherwise.

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98 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat May 16, 2015 11:26 am


As his fiancee came to the receptionist, he still couldn't hide his worried face. He even couldn't kiss her because this was urgent. Something bad happened to her parents, how could he kiss her? "We have to go. Now. Your parents got an accident." He spoke. "Dima is already at the hospital. I don't know the details, he just said that we have to come." So that's why he chose to tell her directly instead of calling her. They had to go now. Grabbing her hand, Gary dragged her to the parking lot where he parked his ducati.

After a super quick ride, they arrived at the hospital. The blonde guy spotted Dimitri was sitting at the waiting room looked.. awful. "Dimitri, what happened?"

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99 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat May 16, 2015 3:12 pm

Alarmed and shocked was what Zhenya felt the entire way to the hospital. She barely remembered how she got there, but suddenly she was standing in front of her brother and was in his arms. How did that happen? She became aware of her surroundings, the initial shock worn off. Right so her parents had been in an accident and were in the muggle hospital. It was only March so the twins were in school thankfully. Which meant they weren't in the accident either. But… but they would have to be told somehow. She was just about to open her mouth and ask, at the same time as Gary, what had happened, when a woman approached them. She was short, the same height as Zhenya, and round. She looked about the same age as her parents, and was wearing a white coat similar to Zhenya's. Except this one had "St George's Hospital" embroidered on the breast, similar to Zhenya's "St Mungo's - HEALER" on hers. She didn't even think to take it off. She didn't care, really.

Diana had walked out of Alexander Burton's Intensive Care Room after making sure he was stabilised. She needed to speak to the family. She recognised one of the men, the son. She didn't know his name. But she assumed the other two were relatives too. She nodded to the son and said "Hi, I'm Doctor Winchester, I'm the duty Intensive Care Consultant on today. Can you follow me and I'll update you in detail on your family members." She turned around and walked slowly in the direction which she came from and ushered them into a conference room. On the table was a jug of water and some cups. She sat down in one of the seat, inviting the others to sit down too.

"May I firstly ask who is who?" Diana asked the group. Two men, one lady.

Zhenya decided to speak first. "I'm Zhenya Burton, their daughter, this is Dimitri Burton my brother, and Gary Rush, my fiancee." Her voice was slightly shaky but she spoke clearly.

"Miss Burton, Mr Burton, Mr Rush, hello, please call me Diana. As I said I'm the Intensive Care consultant here at St George's Hospital. Now your parents have been in a serious accident this afternoon involving a truck down the highway. Unfortunately it was the truck which had lost control, and hit your parents car from the front, however the driver's side, which was your mother, was more damaged in the accident. The paramedics worked for about five minutes to pull them from the car and stabilise them on site before rushing them here. On arrival to the emergency department they were sent straight into the trauma room, where a team of us were ready to commence treatment. They were both intubated on scene and manually ventilated, and remain on the ventilator machines. We sent them both to theatre within half an hour as they were not stabilising. Your father has sustained some degree of brain injury from the accident, and had displayed clinical symptoms of increased intracranial pressure. Too much fluid and swelling inside the skull. We had to remove a piece of his skull to accommodate for that swelling, and he is currently in the intensive care unit in a stable yet serious condition. Our plan is to keep him sedated to allow his brain to rest and recover, and in a few days we will try to turn off the sedation to see how he reacts. Sometimes it can take even a few weeks for their brain to have repaired enough to wake up in a calm manner. Often the early days we see a lot of agitation, in which case we re-sedate them. But he will remain in the intensive care unit and will be very closely monitored. Unfortunately your mother arrived in a much more serious condition and is still in theatre. She had evidence of brain damage and increased intracranial pressure, and the surgeons have removed a piece of her skull as well. However we believe she may have some permanent brain damage as her pressure was very, dangerously high. She was also in hypovolaemic shock at arrival, and the surgeons are currently trying to locate the site of internal bleeding to fix it. They're doing everything they can to stabilise her and will be out to talk you through what they did as soon as they have stabilised her. You may visit your father in the unit." She stopped to give them time for the information to sink in and ask questions.

Zhenya blinked. What? "So my father is… what are they doing to my father in the intensive care unit?" she asked. Why were they cutting them up? WHY were they in a car accident? They should have known better. They were able to APPARATE for Merlin's sake.

Diana nodded at Miss Burton who had asked a question. "Currently we are monitoring him. He has a tube down his throat to help with breathing, he has been sedated, paralysed and has a morphine infusion to control pain. The intensive care team in there are watching his vital signs, his blood pressure through an arterial line, his oxygen saturation, temperature, respiratory observations and heart rate continuously. He's on intravenous hydration and is having a blood transfusion as he is slightly anaemic. He has a tube in his skull which is allowing us to monitor his intracranial pressures, in case it gets too high. He's also got some medications written up, and they are checking his reflexes every hour."

That was… a LOT of information. Zhenya nodded at the doctor. "Um… and my mother… they don't know if she will survive?" she asked. Seriously? Was this happening? She looked over to Dimitri with a puzzled look on her face. Was she dreaming? It didn't feel like a dream. "What exactly is wrong? Her intracranial pressure is high, yes, but what do you expect to happen? What could happen with the bleeding and shock? What can be done?" She had learnt all about this stuff in her training, the knowledge was there but she hadn't been over it in over a year now. She was doing something completely different in her field.

Diana could see that this woman wasn't inexperienced in the healthcare field. She saw St Mungo's - Healer on her coat, but wasn't sure what St Mungo's was. Was she a naturopath? Is that what it meant by healer? "With the increased intracranial pressure, by the time she had arrived and we had removed the piece of skull, the surgeons were worried that some serious damage had already occurred. What can happen is the brain tissue finds it has no room to move. The only place the brain has to go is down, through the spinal column. The brain stem can become damaged, irreversibly, if that happens. They're worried that may be the case. At the moment she's on life support, and although she's serious and we are all unsure of her condition, she's stable with her brain injuries. The only thing they could do was remove part of her skull which they have already done. For now they're working to stabilise her bleeding. They're concerned there may be a small perforation on a major blood vessel, or organ, and they're looking to see if they can locate it. For now they're giving her rapid blood transfusions until they can find and stop the bleed. The transfusions are only keeping her stable. If they can't find the location of the bleed and fix it, there is a good chance she will bleed out and die. We're doing everything we can to stop that from happening."

Wow… Zhenya licked her lips, feeling like she was slowly understanding. It was serious. Her father was stable but could still die. Her mother was stable and was likely to die. "Do you know how long they might be in surgery? Doesn't sound like they're close to finding out where the bleeding is coming from."

Diana resisted the urge to shrug. "It's hard to predict. If they find and stop the bleed, they will want to close her up and transfer her her into the intensive care unit where we will be observing her very closely, like we are with your father." She looked at all of them to see if there were more questions or comments. There weren't, so she continued. "When they find the bleed and stop it, she will come back here until she is stable enough and then we will probably do some scans on her. A CT scan, perhaps an MRI, and perhaps a brain function scan, to see what condition her brain is in. We don't want to wait too long to do that, because there may or may not be something to see, and there may or may not be someway to treat if there is. But we need to get the bleeding under control first."

Zhenya had nothing more to say. She understood. They were trying not to spell out the obvious, trying to give room for hope, but it was likely her mother would die. She probably had some kind of brain damage already. If they didn't control the pressure quick enough, then it was likely her brain would herniate. Zhenya almost shuddered.

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100 Re: A Very Zherald Reunion on Sat May 16, 2015 8:03 pm


Thank Merlin his sister just arrived with her fiancee. It was quicker than he thought. Maybe they were apparating to be here. Dimitri was too panic when he got a phone from hospital, that's why he didn't apparate to be here, afraid that he would experience splinching because he's not concentrated enough. He was about to explain what exactly happened but then the doctor came and escorted them to a room. So... how were they? Was the surgery went successfully or... Gosh, he tried to be optimistic than everything went smoothly and back to normal.

As they were in conference room, he didn't say any word and let his sister talked to Dr. Winchester. He still felt guilty inside because he let them go and drive the car. This doctor talked too much about medical things that he didn't really understand. Even his sister asked them by using those terms too. What actually happened to them? How was his father? And what about his mother? Damn. "I'm sorry but... Can you please explain with English? I don't understand about intra-pressure and... stuffs. Are they gonna be fine? How's our mom? Is she still in surgery?"

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